At dusk I keep a taste

3년 전

Hi steemian I love always.

It's about my hobby in capturing the moment of the rising or the sunset (usually called "sunset") in the world. Because I really like the beauty, so I try to capture all the moment sunset I had encountered this. Actually I really want to capture all moment sunset in this world, but what is my power. All that I can not make it happen.


Just a story about my hobby. See you again with me with other sunset moment picture.

Line Break.png
Thanks You

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wow, sunset yang sangat indah cut kak. . . .

Sunsets can be truly awesome. Personally I love dawn photos more, but for obvious reasons, there are much fewer of them (mainly because getting up too early in the morning is super-tough on most people, self included).
Keep up the good work, I love your photos :-)