Flash Back Friday's Sunsets

2년 전

Hi Steemians!! This time, I want you to show you all, my place's view.

I really feel so priviliged of can enjoy these beautiful sunsets that the terrace of my house give me every afternoon.

I think the sunset is the prettier gift that we can enjoy everywhere that nature can give us.

Sunsets are those little things that not everybody knows to enjoy, so I hope you are one of those few people that really knows how to enjoy it :)




These pictures were took it in Vargas, Venezuela by a Samsung Galaxy

These are old pictures, but anyway, hope u like it !! see ya'll in a next post <3

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Awesome, good job taking that pictures!


Thankk u so much Josh <3 :D

Great pics


Thankk u :)

@yveana se ven bien las fotos, acá conmigo ya comenzó la temporada de lluvias, las tardes nubladas con rayos y toda la cosa, a ver si capturo alguna buena imagen también


Graciaasss!! ... Te tocan tardes lluviosas por estos días entonces, seguro también habrá una vista chévere que capturar xd