Episode 1: The Super Secret Crazy Cult Journal - That I Keep, (Episode Title Inside.)

3년 전

A Poem that I Wrote in Defense of Silicon Boobs

Welcome -- to the very first episode of our highly anticipated series The Super Secret Crazy Cult Journal - That I Keep. For those still unaware, we announced the commencement of the series just a few days ago here in this well-recieved post.

Now we were not meant to actually start this early but see we got words that too many of our readers are almoost literally dying of anticipation, and it was, "an high imperative that you begin as soon as possible." and so, here we are!

But first, a caveat:

But First A Caveat

This fine work of art is ENTIRELY humorous! There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING proactive or political about it IN ANY WAY. It is merely the product of too much boredom, and too much porn -- which, when you look at it, are simply one and the same in terms of causation and effect -- that is all!

Have a nice one.


Poem Text

boobs or books,
thread em and you're shook,
silicone or natural,
boobs are boobs,
so long as it gives the aura
so long as it protrudes.


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Hahah. Welcome back to posting! And you promoting your site now, nice! :D


its the only promotion i have time to do 😢. ty!!

Boobs are boobs caught me. Lol


LMAO! a fan!!!