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So here i am talking about @super8ballclub game by @princewahaj . I know this is not a big earning but this is good earning because i spent little time and i am not playing daily.

If i play daily more than 1 hour than i can earn more from here. So here i want to introduce the game super8ballclub.

How to join this game ?

First you need to create super8ballclub account from it's application which is available on google play store.

So just download it and create account. Make sure you are adding steemit account name there.

Friends you need to take selfie with covering your face and paper and write the date, your steemit id and mention @princewahaj and @super8ballclub in steemit post.

You can also send it on discord channel of super8ballclub.

So after verification you are ready to play. Do not play in group because if you cheat then your payout will not processed.

How to earn more in super8ballclub ?

There are different types of levels. if you have more coin, you can play in big club and big club give you more shares and coins.

Shares and coins are different things. you can earn coins by watching videos and claiming daily.

So coins are easily available there. when you win, you receive coins. So there are three ways to earn coins.

And when you win, you receive the shares too . it will be converted to STEEM/SBD when you will withdraw.

So i hope you enjoyed this post please resteem it and

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