Winners Announcement For 10th July 2018 - Super 8 Ball Club - The Multiplayer Pool Game - Powered by STEEM Blockchain

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Congratulations! We've just finished the manual verification of the gaming activity of those who requested for shares conversion into SBD through Super8BallClub game. The total number of requested shares are 3245.

We use the following formula to calculate your rewards percentage from our total reward pool:

Your requested shares / Total number of shares requested by all players * 100 = Your rewards percentage

The shares of the following member are cancelled:

UsernameWinning DetailsCancelled Shares
@ushnorahmanWon 2 matches in London, 42 matches in Sydney, 16 matches in Moscow300 shares cancelled


The above user is caught playing with a single player. All of his earned shares are coming from playing with only 1 player. At Super 8 Ball Club, we consider it a form of abuse due to the incentive we offer for winnings. We give everyone a fair opportunity to play and win the shares but misusing the incentive program by playing in circle or with a single user is a serious violation of our rules.


We warn the users only two times. If the same action is repeated for the third time, we ban the user permanently. You've been warned. Play the matches with as many opponents as possible. It is easy to differentiate if it was intentional or unintentional. If all or most of your earned shares are coming from the same opponent, your shares will be cancelled and you'll be warned. The third time will be a permanent ban.

In his case, it's a first warning.

The following players are eligible for rewards:

UsernameWinning DetailsShares%
@aunggyi100Won 25 matches in Moscow, 2 matches in Jakarta328 shares requested10.11%
@imranpsWon 2 matches in London, 9 matches in Sydney, 1 matches in Moscow, 15 matches in Tokyo, 1 matches in Las Vegas320 shares requested9.86%
@anamulhasanWon 2 matches in Moscow, 6 matches in Tokyo, 5 matches in Las Vegas272 shares requested8.38%
@sajidulislamWon 3 matches in Sydney, 8 matches in Tokyo, 3 matches in Las Vegas236 shares requested7.27%
@yehtetaungWon 46 matches in Sydney, 6 matches in Moscow232 shares requested7.15%
@kanizkhanWon 3 matches in Sydney, 7 matches in Moscow, 8 matches in Tokyo220 shares requested6.78%
@zarmanizawlinnWon 3 matches in Moscow, 3 matches in Jakarta216 shares requested6.66%
@sadmim.siamWon 11 matches in Sydney, 16 matches in Moscow, 2 matches in Tokyo204 shares requested6.29%
@rizal.acehWon 7 matches in London, 35 matches in Sydney, 1 matches in Moscow162 shares requested4.99%
@moemoekyawWon 18 matches in Moscow144 shares requested4.44%
@sampathkumarWon 15 matches in Sydney, 10 matches in Moscow140 shares requested4.31%
@nizam8089Won 4 matches in Moscow, 3 matches in Las Vegas129 shares requested3.98%
@tasnim73Won 1 matches in London, 3 matches in Tokyo, 2 matches in Las Vegas114 shares requested3.51%
@nahin007Won 9 matches in Sydney, 5 matches in Moscow, 2 matches in Tokyo108 shares requested3.33%
@article61Won 14 matches in Sydney, 3 matches in Moscow80 shares requested2.47%
@ocanWon 18 matches in Sydney72 shares requested2.22%
@imransooryWon 5 matches in Sydney, 4 matches in Moscow56 shares requested1.73%
@rana19841Won 1 matches in Sydney, 3 matches in Tokyo52 shares requested1.60%
@wordsmith777Won 12 matches in Sydney48 shares requested1.48%
@mgmgWon 6 matches in Sydney24 shares requested0.74%
@yasirgawadWon 1 matches in Moscow, 1 matches in Tokyo24 shares requested0.74%
@kr-nahidWon 3 matches in Sydney, 1 matches in Moscow20 shares requested0.62%
@onolhassanWon 4 matches in Sydney, 1 matches in Moscow20 shares requested0.62%
@stephen-hawkingWon 2 matches in London, 3 matches in Sydney16 shares requested0.49%
@sattpaingWon 2 matches in Sydney8 shares requested0.25%

Their payouts will be processed shortly.

Want to see your fellow steemians in action? Come join the club today. Download Super8BallClub from Play Store. Win the matches to earn STEEM/SBD and lose nothing when otherwise. Powered by STEEM Blockchain. For more information, please read our announcement.

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