Supercars of Southern California

4년 전

Hello, I am an amateur automotive photographer from souther California looking to share the beauty of some of the most rare and exotic cars around.

These are some of the incredible cars on display at Illuso Oc in Newport Beach, California.

Pagani illusso.jpg
The Pagani Huayra "Wind God". One of only one-hundred, this Huayra is fitted with gorgeous blue carbon fiber body panels and the recent Tempesta package for more power, aero-dynamics and a new titanium exhaust.

Bugatti transformer done.jpg
The Bugatti Veyron "transformer edition". One of the most customized Bugatti veyron's around with blue stitching interior and a metal autobots logo between the driver and passanger.

enzo and egg done.jpg

Of course you cant forget the always stunning Ferrari Enzo, in classic Ferrari Rosso corsa paint. Don't mind the two Koenigsegg in the shot.

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