Monster Energy Supercross - Round 15 Denver - Dean Wilson GoPro HD



Hi Steemers,

So we have some footage from last weekends Monster Energy Supercross race in Denver and we get a chance to see just how fast Dean Wilson was before lady luck turned her back on his night. Luckily Wilsons injuries are not as bad as they could have been but they have ended his season two races early which is never good.

Round 15 Denver - Dean Wilson GoPro HD - 450 SX Heat

No for the bad one, the crash that ended Deanos season, luckily we don't get to see much but just how it happened. It looks like the bike hit a false neutral and caused the bike speed to slow and also the front wheel to drop which saw him case into the up slope of a jump and it went south from there. Rest up dude and come back knowing you have the speed to compete.

Round 15 Denver - Dean Wilson GoPro HD - 450 SX Main

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Looks good, they are high in action.

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