Monster Energy Supercross - Round 8 Arlington - Track Map



Hi Steemers!

The Monster Energy Supercross season rolls on and can you believe it's already going into round 8! Time flys when you are having fun but man... I swear it gets faster every year. This weekends host is the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas and the the track map looks epic! We have Dragon backs, woops, tippples, doubles and a heavy finish line jumping into a one eighty!


The start straight also is a beast and as always the holeshot will be something each and every rider will be shooting for. The far right of the track has a seriously long rhythm section and this i think is where we will see the seasononed riders pulling out the best times. A race is made in the corners and also in timing the rhythms. Let's check out how the track looks guys!

Monster Energy Supercross - Round 8 Arlington - Track Map

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