Superior Coin Now Available in PlayStore Apps

2년 전

SuperiorCoin Pool and Mining stats


This app lets you easily monitor your miners stats remotely from your mobile device. You can also find the current stats of the superior coin pool.


Superior Coin Mobile wallets are now available for download in the Google play store. iPhone apps will be published soon




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thanks for sharing!


Thank you sa support dhay..

Another acheivement for superiorcoin/kryptonia community

Wow..wallet for sup..this could be great😄 thank you for sharing@khieshecha

Thanks for sharing! Upvoted!


Thank you for the support

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Great information.


sup CTO and the team are going to Cebu tomorrow for another event.. sup to the mooooooooon ..


Whoah! Cebu is like my second home. Now I miss Cebu.


The event will be steemit summit in Cebu. Sup CTO together with the team are invited.. I think they are live tomorrow 😊

Thank @khieshecha. You are really a good content writer.


I'm just a small time untalented writer @silentworld😀 Anyways, thanks!

Thank you for sharing.. 🤗


Thank you also for the support sis 😊

Thank you for sharing