Adding SuperiorCoin (SUP) to Blockfolio App

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Adding SuperiorCoin (SUP) to Blockfolio App


Install Blockfolio App on your phone:

Follow these steps to add SUP to the Blockfolio Aapp:

1. Start the Blockfolio App and click "+"

Adding SUP to Blockfolio App 1

2. Click "Sync"

Adding SUP to Blockfolio App 2

3. Click "Ok"

Adding SUP to Blockfolio App 3

4. Type "Sup" in the search field then click on "Superior Coin: SUP"

Adding SUP to Blockfolio App 4

5. Click "Save"

Adding SUP to Blockfolio App 5

6. You will see "SUP" on the main app screen so click on it

Adding SUP to Blockfolio App 6

7. You are taken to the main Superior Coin screen that shows the coin Details.

Adding SUP to Blockfolio App 7

8. Book tab shows the Buy/Sell Orders and Trades

Adding SUP to Blockfolio App 8

9. Alerts tab lets you set and see alerts

Adding SUP to Blockfolio App 9

10. Holding tab shows you the SUP Summary

Adding SUP to Blockfolio App 10

If you need any technical assistance ask questions the SuperiorCoin Discord Channel or the SuperiorCoin Telegram Channel

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Best portifolio management app for cryptos

Superior Coin Discord Channel Come connect - Resteemed

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