Daily price of Bitcoin, SBD, STEEM and SuperiorCoin for 9th December 2018

2년 전

Daily coin prices


Today's Coin Prices


CurrencyExchangeCoin PriceDaily Change +/-
BTC USDCoinMarketCap$3641.22-$58.66
BCH USDCoinMarketCap$111.17-$8.59
EOS USDCoinMarketCap$2.07-$0.11
ETH USDCoinMarketCap$97.41-$1.02
LTC USDCoinMarketCap$26.43-$1.88
MANNA USDCoinMarketCap$0.0012-$0.0001
SBD USDCoinMarketCap$0.64-$0.07
STEEM USDCoinMarketCap$0.26-$0.01
SUP BTC/USDBTC Alpha$0.000073-$0.000001
SUP BTC/USDSouthXchange$0.000109+$0.000035
SUP BTC/USDStocks.exchange$0.000109-$0.000002
XMR USDCoinMarketCap$48.41-$1.05
XRP USDCoinMarketCap$0.32-$0.01
XVG USDCoinMarketCap$0.0064+$0.0002
BAT USD NEWCoinMarketCap$0.1493+$0.0047


Yesterdays Coin Prices


CurrencyExchangeCoin Price
BTC USDCoinMarketCap$3699.88
BCH USDCoinMarketCap$119.76
EOS USDCoinMarketCap$2.18
ETH USDCoinMarketCap$98.43
LTC USDCoinMarketCap$28.31
MANNA USDCoinMarketCap$0.0013
SBD USDCoinMarketCap$0.71
STEEM USDCoinMarketCap$0.27
SUP BTC/USDBTC Alpha$0.000074
SUP BTC/USDSouthXchange$0.000074
SUP BTC/USDStocks.exchange$0.000111
XMR USDCoinMarketCap$49.46
XRP USDCoinMarketCap$0.33
XVG USDCoinMarketCap$0.0062
BAT USD NEWCoinMarketCap$0.1446


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