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Hey hey a faucet! Quick question. When signing up do we enter the wallets address from the "bank" page of our superior coin wallet? My mind says NO don't do it although I know this is legit cause it's you. Just curious as I've always been taught not to do this but then I don't see a receive address anywhere? Teach me O' master...............


Yes use the Kryptonia wallet address as that is where you withdraw coins to.


On it! Thank you as always!

I am registered!!!

Already registered.

Great way to get some beercoins.


Fast and Easy


Had issue registering the last time. The recapht failed to verify .


When was that? Did you report it in ?

Thanks for the work!


are you already registered ? We would be glad to give you such an experiences with the new Faucet. Over @kryptonia are some task reward for registration.

  ·  3년 전

I like your work.


Those are great news to know my friend ! Hope you are enjoying the faucet as well !!

Thanks for the support.


Your very welcome !
enjoy it .

I like it.

<3 <3 amazing <3 <3