Passing Huizhou

2년 전

Farewell to friends in Shenzhen, from 2 pm in the afternoon, from Longgang District, all the way north, and out of Shenzhen is Huizhou. This is a city name that is not familiar to people in the eyes of foreigners. After all, the neighboring cities are too high. Just entering the Huizhou world, it began to dust, but in the city is another scene.

In the center of Huizhou, a supermarket opened, and when people were crowded, we planned to go and see, and find a place to eat. If there are supermarkets in many cities, but this supermarket is really the most literary art I have ever seen, I started to think that this is just a must-go literary shop in the supermarket. It turns out that this is the style of the whole supermarket!

Huizhou is not the destination today. It is easy to eat pork and rice on the opposite side of the supermarket. At 6:30 in the afternoon, it is in the Longhu Avenue to Longhe Road section of Huicheng District. The road is extremely muddy and pitted, which is very difficult to walk. This situation is rare in the urban area.

Large trucks, trolleys, motorcycles, trams, bicycles... All types of vehicles have to pass through this water-filled road. They can only be slower and slower. I saw this in my heart for the first time. Still a little surprised.

After driving through the muddy road section, we added 200 yuan of oil in Huicheng District, which is 7.46 yuan per liter, which is about 1 yuan cheaper than Hainan's oil price.

The next step is the long 120 provincial highway. Except for a little bend, the car is a bit less, and it is always good. The road in the setting sun seems to have a different feeling. The rice fields and small buildings next to it will make the people of the scenery have a lot of thoughts.

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