Last night v2k

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So last night the sick psychopath was disturbing me while I was on the can. In any case he pretended the following.

He was having sex or killing his kidnap victim, the latest one was happy to pretend to be Lisa. He had squishing sounds and the sound of a thwacking thwack like metal or wood and like an arrow it hits something. Anyways it's sickening but him. And his girl were interrupted with their victim. He said haha they're trying to find us. Then a few minutes later what the fuck he said.

And then a guy said stephan tell the police there was a gargoyle at the door. Then there was a silence and somebody was confused like they had the wrong address. Check the address he said then the osychopatth said he really hates me and that killing me is going to be so much fun as he was doing something. Then he said to his psycho partner that the **last ten seconds of their mjnd. **And faded off... Then he was laughing saying he found a way to make it so nobody is ever reported missing. He was laughing and saying hell enjoy killing me and I'm right about him and over 50 then 250 then 350 women have been killed he said people over 50 people have been killed he said.

He said He found a way to make it so nobody is reported missing.

OK sickening so gross I'm pretty sure it's a lookalike database and he uses foreign traveller's that come here on vacation he could be a tour guide etc then probably sends the lookalike home with their passport although you'd think that would fail too but I dunno the governments pretty fucking stupid when it comes down to it....

He is so perverse and sickening its hard to describe he kept talking about Bettina while he had sex with his girlfriend rape sthis kidnap victim you are so sick to allow him to continue this fuck.

*****End of letter to police. Just before 11am V2k is saying "now the police know your lying I can't believe he sent that" and "haha now the olice think your lying it's funny got rid of the guy that said nothings funny about this" after I started writing they put on a woman's voice but can't talk to her so the psycho synthesized a voice saying she believes me

What a crock this is... I'm broke homeless they steal passwords and money and I have to listen to a psychopath narcissist go on all sy with his kisnapping and sick murder bullshit. No shit. 7..5 years of this crap. Sick

And again today now the psychopath is explaining to somebody sounds like a kid on v2k as there is nobody around me as I'm walking down the sidewalk....

He's saying they were going to help now they want nothing to do with him when we told them he raped his sister.

Sick and total bullshit. The psychopath is pretending and has for 4 or 5 years says he killed Bettins. He also claims he replaced her with a lookalike. His girlfriend says mangina recorded it and malosophy raped her. Sick.

Fuck you for not helping. I know the psychopath is out to lunch because it's not about me it's the fact he killed Stephanie's niece is the only thing that anybody would be investigating and I need help with so he's totally out to lunch. It's not relevant and like everything else he says it's sick and untrue.

Fuck this shit. Now he's saying with his girlfriend you really did rape Bettina.

Noe she says when he was little. Now she adds the mcia says different.

She's fucking sick. The last time I saw Bettina was in penticton and she was fine then very happy to see me and neither of us think or believe that.


This woman and this guy are the rapists. They raped and shit Stephanie's niece. Stephanie Lundy in penticton bc in 2014 September and October


Information Scientist, TI

MindRead 247 =/. " the psychopath looks do my eyes with VR goggles don't get us confused" followed by "you're no longer anonymous to your ops admin.psychopath" cannot be overstated.

Please consider donating to help save my life, to identify my missing and murdered friend and for my family.



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