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After I sent this I have recorded somebody yelling ha they said he's schizophrenia. Then he's recording and how we gonna do this.

Also people complaining recording and his email I'm at McKnight haven't said a word on bus or train constant harassment... Recorded on external device not connected to internet probably will be stolen as usual.

This email, sent to almost 100 addresses, will be ignored ibut the harassment s because it was sent, I'm dozen km away from the problems this morning and quietly wrote the email on bus and transit recording on a Sony external digital recorder... :

Subject V2k on bus


Zeno Elea <zeno_of_elea@hotmail.com>



Fri, Feb 25 at 2:20 p.m.

Recently the psychopath started talking about how he raped some lady named Lisa because I was in the apartment next door when he paused her and did it. He went on laughing about how she noticed something was wrong with her body and I was complaining about how I could hear him banging the wall. He said he told her I was just tripping out. He is sick.

Today twice he had in person gangstalker call themselves Mcia in a second cup coffee shop - I recorded this sick harassment wgerw they are complaining about the recording and how they called police but don't want the real police. Lately they are pretending to investigating Bettina rape, in V2k land they bragged about raping and murdering Bettina because I wouldnt shut up about Stephanie's nieces rape murder still not investigated from 2014 Sept and October in penticton bc.

Now they claimed to be putting antipsychotic injections in me while I'm paused but I'm not a government target there is no lawyer and no security certificate as I'm a computer scientist and just witnessed a rape murder to which penticton bc rcmp said to fuck off. I went to police complaint and cst jelsey ferris was assigned and she moved away with all her 4 subordinates. I got an email from a cst Vance who took her files and he told me to go to a hospital nobody died and gars not a rapist but I saw in the paper he was then fired for raping a coworker. Still no idea who the girl is Garylee insists to call Stephanie's niece.

Also the psychopath is in tim Hortons and mcdonalds pretends to add poison to the coffee to cover up a mind reading conspiracy what an idiot.

Anyways sent to Cia but email doest work so it's going here, there uswed to be a nice lady that would be on my side and would argue with him since the mind synthetic telepathy is hacked by him he kept cutting us off and lying about it, she figured it out one day and she was going to stop him but disappeared, it took me at least a year to realize she was not simply a component of this narcissist daily fantasy rapist soap opera he keeps replaying.

He is now pretending to talk to my sister in the phone but he said he killed the real one because she refused to call me a rapist. He is sick and convinces people he is police and tells me he wipes the memories of these people helping him (synthetic voices /imaginary coworkers??)

I yelled at the picks and the staff called police. The justice is currently seeking jail time for o was attacked in an anw and the V2k girl with him synthesized female voice is saying ya right every day they pretend nit to know they are the criminals not me. Anyways the man choked me said I could breathe fine as I was out of breath hyper? Ventilating his knee in my back he attacked me and they seeking jail.

I have my bank accounts robbed with pin entered transactions, credit cards are spent giving me duplicate transactions, home delivery creates two transactions but I pay and receive differently sometimes once paying for two orders another time they gave him my order.

In public someone stand around saying they call him that's the one they call mangina /ma11os of he /isel/raped Tina or bettina/towlie

This is sick and my government treats me like I'm crazy for complaining about the stalking the mind reading the death threats the V2k that never gives me privacy. Just yesterday the psycho said you're gonna be raped now because they think you are gay - I'm not and he is sickening. Just today he said you're gonna die soon we spiked your coffee you should have stopped drinking it now says ta right. He said I can't wait don't you agree to a woman and added so much less stress once he dies and the knowledge of this while thing goes with him. Bsge all day calls me an asshole. He said to her again this morning but he wants more than money he wants justice for his friend (Stephanie's niece as the rapists call her in penticton) so he's gotta die. He's often laughing at his mayhem his psycho narcissist condition.

For example he's paid gangstalker follow me and harass with certain phrases or stories and commonly after complaining in email or starting to record they go on just rhyming with the harassment. In the last ten minutes I've got a girl faced me to say in the middle of her conversation on the train he's an asshole and I can't hear her otherwise about three teenagers point and say quietly that's the one and he's recording harassment consists of dick and getting hard becauseqqqq the psycho poisoned me with an injection one late night at McDonald's in moose jaw dressed as medics. Hee hairasses me while I'm in private and it's disgusting because I'm straight he finds it so hilarious and truth of 7.5 years of his sickening abuse...

A girl said the stalker's are the cult from Quebec I heard them contradict that telling the others stalking to speak with a French accent for this one and was harassed by those pretending to. Be French for a couple days. A girl said I believe him but of curse its probably another imaginary soon to be supporter of the abuse most likely a recycled voice from the past....

Put away the phone and

Something financial


Something spiritual


Virtual reality

And Carpe diem

Sieze the day Carpe diem

And all you need to say is Sieze the day

And Scott doest say Carpe diem that often

Nobody says Carpe diem that much

Gary lee is a nice old man

The police think he is dekusional

Haha they called you highly delusional

It's for mentioning mind reading

They threw out your email and called you delusional and paranoid

They were about to arrest you but they needed proof you were complaining about mind reading

Better save those recirdings

He raped all your wives from the future

Mal us of hee is responsible for it all evcept stephan made up the fake rapist

Government has classified you as delusional for mentioning mind reading / the fake rapist

Something that rhymes with lisa

Now we need something that rhymes with mcia

V2k is delusional

We're worried about bettina

Raped the shit out of her

He's going to jail. For a long time

He belongs in the hospital

They want him on antipsychotics

They are undercover they're watching you

Don't worry the police are here

Don't tell police well get in trouble

The police think he's lost it he's an idiot

He believes his mind is read

Yes you are schizophrenic stephan

You're hallucinating

He whispers and thinks it's mind reading here's the fmri video of him raping the shit out of her

Yes I am your suster

Yes I'm talking to your sister on the phone she called you the rapist

Even your dad thinks you're the rapist

So sorry we killed your dad

Sorry your dad dued

You better call your mom

He thinks we deepfake his phone calls

I told Tina to check her email

He kept sending them hacked his email stole his facebook

You are the idiot

The police think your the ifiot

Radiation is delusional

You better call your dad he's in the hospital

Killed your sister blew her up

Buried her in the basement

Paused your mom said hung up hung up to dry in the basement

Your mom kept picking pieces of the real Bettina out of her hair and teeth sick she wondered who's blood she was cleaning up told her it was somebody else

Your mom believes it's your sister

Gave you Scott's DNA (the rapist)

Scott wrote Tina the waitress from California when he was a teenager said it was his mom. (the creepy letter as Tina put it in 2004ish)

Youll never talk to your sister again

So what he raped his little sister

Stop saying adult molesting

Stop saying pedophiles we're not pedophiles

Stop saying adult molesting and child molesting (they don't mind being called rapists as long as I don't speak aloud)

Stop speaking shut up

He never shuts up

We can read your thoughts you know stop speaking aloud you sound crazy

He's schizophrenic because he won't shut up

You look crazy

The police think your crazy / an the idiot

He thinks we change the words after certain phrases why can't you change child molesting to something he keeps calling us pedophiles

Change it in the other one (sth financial sth spiritual etc) its the reason they don't care about being called rapists its not what they hear so I started calling them adult molesters since pedophiles makes them freak they say we're not pedophiles but I ask then you're OK with being rapists no answer so adult molesters it is)

And more in the last week sick, I have some very good recordings but the best was lost due to physical and digital insecurity I have half of it where some Asian men threatened if I bring it to police I die and they yelled at coffee shop staff for not shutting up when I started recording the ladies that work there loudly responded well you should have said so we would have just shut up so what if he's recording...

Anyways help! Please.

I'm afraid they killed my sister and think the lady from authority that went to pull the plug on this died driving to do so or to me about 5 or more years ago he calls her Lisa but of that I'm not sure I think she was American and believe we spoke unobstructed only a few times most times she would suddenly be gone and I learned they monitored middleman the conversation and then pretend to be me called bait and switch. He has some darknet game or something they say.

Sick is his fantasy about raping all my future wives he is totally delusional and creates deepfake by having gangstalker film the source media, often saying we need him crying or more paranoid etc....

Sick. I'm afraid for my dad and mom too. Last time I saw my sister she was excited to see me and was driving around penticton trying to find me I'm sure he has done something. He laughed saying I didn't even cry when he killed her and she was so sad not even a rear he said she Saud. Because I hear his synthetic voices but it's all his narcissist bullshit what a dick he said what Gary lee said it's like saw but real distributed propaganda inside murder porn deepfaked snuff.

Please, my country is fucked our top spy was selling our secrets to the Russians caught by Germans but we stupidly gave him bail he accessed the darknet again probably gave the decryption keys and added more promised favors because that terminated his bail my country really LRT us all down help please.

I've written close to 500 times over 7.5 years and recorded over 300gb but constant robberies I maybe have 109gb left my country doest care. My sister my friend from 2914 died and our families this Lisa woman if she existed and her family expected more from our police and country and these deplorable losers Gangstalking who hate freedom and want slaves and immunity from the law it's upsetting...

Stephan Theo Unrau

Information Scientist, (Expert)

Blogging a permanent record on Steemit as @mindreading

Moderating the Facebook Group Targeted Individuals Canada

*as I post to steemit I've received threatening gestures and words*


Information Scientist, TI

MindRead 247 =/. " the psychopath looks do my eyes with VR goggles don't get us confused" followed by "you're no longer anonymous to your ops admin.psychopath" cannot be overstated.

Please consider donating to help save my life, to identify my missing and murdered friend and for my family.



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