Quiet day V2k log

5개월 전

Stephan mind reading war us delusional

The police know what to do with him

He got the cult rated delusional

You're named mull_osopy

Your going to jail for a long time

I can't believe you raped bettina

You should see ut

Stop calling us pedophiles you're the pedophile

You forgot another don't worry the police are recording

He's recording

The new authorities

The police think you're delusional

Something financial

Virtual rwality

Carpe diem sieze theday

The police want you to...

He kniws we put antipsychotic in there


Your pataniid

Don't worry the police think

People won't give him any money see

Gangstalking isdekusional

He can't sit anywhere without a camera he's paranoud

All of Calgary already knows

Almost half of Calgary...

So what if he's recirding

He deserves the harassment you should hear how the transit police gut says it

He's the one they named mangina

I had to change buses is Raz B and they're still going on

I said over half of calgary

See they were going to kill him

This is why they want to kill him

Hwe ruined your whole life

You're going to regret this for the rest of your life

Ruined his life


Says goof to anyone

Not a criminal

You were targeted for being a criminal

What about the music you listen to

He's going to steal something

Call the ooluce

The police are coming

How come he hasn't been arrested

I'm not threatening you

He lied he's the liar everything he says is a lie I'll show uyou the video sick

The police think you are lying

It was a fake rape they couldn't tell you

How would you tell him that

Look up actuality

He's stupid hr doesn't think actuality is a word

Hewont look it up

OK now we're going to kill you

I hope he dies

He has cancer

Already sterilized him

Poisoned his dick

He masturbates

Stop calling us perverts

Stop saying adult molesting

Stop saying adult touching

Fript with antipsychotic

Just wait until you find out what Fript means

You're gonna cry like a baby

He deserves this

So what look what he did to bettina

Yuj yuk yuk hyuk hyuk hyuk

*suction siunds" if you don't run from this you're gonna be mentally retarded

If you don't figure out something financial/virtual reality/delysional/Carpe diem you're gonna die

He's gonna die anyways

Detected a timor

He's got prostate cancet

Told everybody he madturbates

Stop masturbating

Your lawyer was arrested

He needs a lawyer

His lawyer saud

We read it on facebook

He posted it to Facebook what an idiot

Posted. It online

Say ypu saw it online

He's the loser he's honeless

This is the last time we Fript a liser

So do you know what defripted means now

Anything that rhymes with isa

You forgot to tell them...

Dare you to tell the police you're. Dead

Fuck you asshole you will regret this fir the rest of yoyr life

Blocked his email we showed him the diagnosis

He needs to be on antipsychotics

See this is why we don't want him to get high

You won't believe why mcdonalds thinks he's ill

I can't believe he can eat there

People won't give him money because of this see

He thinks we pay them

He thinks we poisoned his dioe

It's really good dope he thinks it's bad because we. Injected him with lorazepam

We got to find something that rhymes with...

Poidonned your food told you not to eat that

Why did you eat that you're delusional if you eat that

He recognizes everybody because if mental ikkbess

It's a symptom of mental illness

Ge has all the symptoms if illness

We have a psychiatrist he thinks you're ill

He's been diagnosed with scgitzopgrenia

Show them the diagnosis

(untrue I've never been diagnosed but Penticton and Saskatoon were abusive and filed paperwork stating so however I don't have the illness and patient needs to be present for a diagnosis which never happened, my smart doctors gave explained it and normally not required been rediagnised as having depression. Afhd and not schizophrenia. The reason it's not a thing is because to a trained psych it's easy to diagnose it, they can't bake a mistake so any diagnosis is extremely suspicious to me)

Just now a cult member is yelling out "ya right" as I'm writing I recognize both their voices they terrorize me all day often...

As I typed the hashtag #missing a stalker on bus said missing loudly sick.


Information Scientist, TI

MindRead 247 =/. " the psychopath looks do my eyes with VR goggles don't get us confused" followed by "you're no longer anonymous to your ops admin.psychopath" cannot be overstated.

Please consider donating to help save my life, to identify my missing and murdered friend and for my family.



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