Quiet empty coffee shop until I arrive

5개월 전

Coffee shop in mahogany....

These stalkers use the Pause Weapon on me and are talking about getting police to put me in a hospital... They use a parametric speaker to make it seem like I'm yelling from the bathroom... They are speaking the harassment and responding to the mind reading and arguing with me

You (are/made up) mallosophy

Who cares he raped bettina

His little sister.

Named him mangina

Don't worry they think he is delusional.

I'm not targeted by the government and already twice a guy came and forcefully tried the door slamming hard on the handle and ignoring that its occupied he tries repeatedly to open it. These people are sick. I already emailed police as well as the nci responsible for psychopath serial killers and rapists as well as the minister responsible for public safety, the police and doctors Minister Bill Blair but judging by the raucous laughter from these idiots at Mr Blairs name it's likely they have him all f'd up too. No wonder Canada invests so much money in mental illness it doesn't recognize serious threats to safety like this. Sickening total losers.

I'm concerned that since these rapists have a way to pause people that you don't even know who or how many times they raped somebody. And other people like staff that work here may be at risk. Especially in cases where they're in an obnoxious group.

Like now 1036

Now they are talking about when police arrive and the hospital. They kept saying stupid things like were worried about Bettina. What they did to Bettina.

There is high radiation.

Earlier people were complaining and made some perverted slander but all of it was where am I how long has he been there how long does it take him and they Pause me and use a parametric speaker to speak back to them


Information Scientist, TI

MindRead 247 =/. " the psychopath looks do my eyes with VR goggles don't get us confused" followed by "you're no longer anonymous to your ops admin.psychopath" cannot be overstated.

Please consider donating to help save my life, to identify my missing and murdered friend and for my family.



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