V2k reported to police in letter todsy

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V2k death threats increased today...

This is the recent harassment on v2k:

The girl: You're right there is no such thing as Mcia itts a good thing none of thise emails reached the CiA

The guy: One of them reached Rcmp headquarters they opened it and said not another one of these...

One of them reached europol.

Different two guys:

Meteopolitan police yay stephan. It'll sound more like a fantasy....

(it was out of place but now they're modifying the harassment because they know I'm writing this email. Here is what I can remember of their harassment today. After writing.

His dad is wondering where petunia is.

His dad thinks it's the same person that killed his friend. .

(just now again)

We showed the cops you diagnosis from...

(I have not been present for any diagnosis in other words none are diagnosis and I have at least 5 of the smartest doctors explain how it's not possible to have schizophrenia)


I'm so glad you're done

We've heard enough

They kidnapped his sister

(bus driver or somebody was playing a screaming harassment some rapist karaoke and as soon as i pulled out my recording he stopped now its just suction sounds)

Sick anyways more from earlier...

His friend took out scissors....

(later on I heard my friend tell the story about the scissors)

When he's with somebody they leave him alone moslty.

It turns out you just need to say somebody was feeble from birth and the lawyers just believe it.

They already sentenced her...

You're gonna die I'm so sorry you have to die.

We were gonna kill you ourselves.

The police think you have svhitzoohrenia.

Mind readong and schizophrenia don't mix.

Bettina done now thanks to you.

They can show which parts of the video are deepfaked (talking about murder porn)

The police have a warrwnt for your arrest. The pictures out online it says you have schizophrenia. Mind reading is a symptom of schizophrenia.

They are gonna kill him.

You didn't even cry when your sister died she was sad. Bettina even cried.

This is gonna kill him.

It's sick what's gonna happen to you.

Woman says ill run with you like we did last time.

(right after I sent last email) the psycho said yes but you forgot about one and said it but I forget it now too.

Everything's gonna be OK... After this....

Penticton police thin you're lying.

We just gave him an injection of antipsychotic.

Its because you're high.

The police want to know why you look worried you look worried the police want to know what you are thinking about when you look worried.

We told them something about Bettina hey he forgot to add penticton.

His friend went missing when he went to visit him. (25 years ago) how does he know he died (referring to my dad)

Penticton police raped your dad they pretended to be the Cia.

Just now the psycho is telling somebody he has schizophrenia.

He needs to be on antipsychotic.

The psycho said text or read the subtext. He has said that before but don't know wtf he is talking about.

Girl adds don't worry he's highly delusional the police think he's delusional.

He killed Bettina he raped you a thousand times every time you went to the bathroom thee reason people go in kne at a time (sick him and his girlfriend constantly threaten with rape fucking gross talking about it daily dozens of times a day)

Fucking sick thanks. A fucking lot Canada what a great fucking country.

He always forgets something.

Don't forget to add.

(earlier today as noted above)

Were sorry. Or more like were sorry or wheee is surrey. The thing with that is the were sorry is V2k and abusive psychopaths saying they're sorry and you're going to die soon is a helpful warning to them they're neither sorry nor being helpful by making threats. If anybody said where is surrey I wasn't speaking about them the V2k synthetic voices and the psycho and his girlfriend and rheirfake/real kidnap victims. Latest he claims he's the head of witness protection. Ya right

Anyways fuck this shit. This is bullshit its obvious to everybody around me they even tell the staff they are the police you can't figure that out fucking bullshit.

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PS I remember what he says that I forgot when I was writing email it is "the police don't know what to say to him" but whatever it used to make me think maybe they are investigating now it's a figment of his story and total bs I don't think they are and if they start its kinda 7 years too late.


Information Scientist, TI

MindRead 247 =/. " the psychopath looks do my eyes with VR goggles don't get us confused" followed by "you're no longer anonymous to your ops admin.psychopath" cannot be overstated.

Please consider donating to help save my life, to identify my missing and murdered friend and for my family.



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