When they say the number of minutes

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They being stalker's, gangstalker are looking at me and telling me a number of minutes, here is my plea to authorities...

I figured out why they go through a period of saying the number of minutes. It's for deepfake, at the same time the stalker's are filming again everywhere they don't harass they just film you. They move the camera with you often or just angle it in your direction, they stole my glasses this morning.

The V2k complains if I hide my face they say then radiation or he's ashamed the harassment will say. Sickening but the psychopath publishes his murders as snuff with deepfake to make it justified. People actually watch this stuff, a friend of mine in Saskatoon watches it with his girlfriend. Another person asked me if I ever heard of murder porn before. Sick but people watch that stuff. A guy turned to me last night and said 17 minutes.

So the harassment mostly stopped but I had a dozen people filming and a couple were bus drivers clerks at stores. Then first 3 minutes then 5 minutes then 17 minutes the guy that said 17 minutes got kn the empty bus with me and before he left looked at me said 17 minutes and got off.

It's the total amount of minutes of recording so at 50 60 frames per second that's a lot of images. You need many sample images particularly of the face to deepfake a person with current technology. They say on the V2k sometimes the harassment stuff to make you feel conscious about looking a certain way. V2k said why does he look so worried. You look worried what are you worried about. Needa to look paranoid. Needs to be crying etc...

Sickening to be sure.

A lot of people are watching this shit online it's distributed on the darknet because snuff is illegal. The victims no doubt will never get access to the servers or chat rooms whee e it is distributed. The people are stupid enough to start believing it or even spreading it among friends and family as fact this is particularly alarming and I tell them the knky part of those videos that's real is the murder. As well as you sickos should be getting your porn from the cleaner. Some people approached me very angrily over stuff that the psychopath put in the video. The people that watch it sy they have a tool to prove which scenes are deepfaked which is ignorant of what deepfake is.

Anyways insure hope you figure this out before I die and I'm afraid they killed not only my friend but my sister Bettina. I'm also afraid they killed other members of my family who all died while I was in jail in Ontario and my abusive ex psychopath Marilyn ely reid went to penticton with a guy that she said looks just like me and Scott Lee mentioned him too. The guy went to Montreal to the airport and took a picture with Marilyn and my mom during my grandmother's funeral.

This is not a joke please help.


Information Scientist, TI

MindRead 247 =/. " the psychopath looks do my eyes with VR goggles don't get us confused" followed by "you're no longer anonymous to your ops admin.psychopath" cannot be overstated.

Please consider donating to help save my life, to identify my missing and murdered friend and for my family.



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