Cat lying on the kitchen floor like model on the beach

2년 전

This cat named Misty was lying on the floor in the morning. She loves to be photographed. As soon she understood that I was shooting photos she posed just like a model lying on the beach.

This is a cat is semi-domestic. When I started the Covid quarantine at the beginning of April she was afraid and ran away as soon as I got close enough.

After some time I was exersizing in the garden and she got probably curious about what this "stupid" human was doing. So this was the first time she got near me.

After some other time she was lying in the garden, then I crawled towards her and she let me caress her. Just after that she jumped on one of the garden chairs and looked at me just like to say:

"Oh, human please stop crawling on the ground! Just come on the chair..."

Cats understand humans much more than humans. Sometimes.

Love is all we need

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