Joe Collins Interview by Dizzy Tortoise

3개월 전

This is a link to an interview of my friend Joe Collins by Dizzy Tortoise. It's worth a listen because it provides real insights into JoCo's creative processes. While tuning in, I had an epiphany concerning my own.

I started to write "Long, Strange Trip" a year ago but have made little progress. And that's despite help from John Steiner, encouragement from Ana Maria Romero, and inspiration from James McFarland. Why is that? Each previous book that I wrote and published would take 3-4 months from first keystroke to final upload to the publishing houses. Joe provided the answer: Fear.

I'm not afraid of public reaction, but rather fearful of going public with very personal feelings and events. I'm afraid of being judged for sounding crazy, delusional, and/or irrational. What I endured in Fort Wayne really was psychotic. But I am not. I have to untangle the two in my own mind first.

Thanks to Joe and Dizzy Tortoise for this impetus.

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