Store Stories Part 2

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Like i write in my previous post i start working in Mini-Market

Is very good with a nice boss, co-workers and lovely customers

But like in every job some times we have Stories to tell or write.

This post will be a regular or most common post i will make to write Stories i live with customers

Before i begin i promise you all this Stories are true.


1st Story

Yesterday when i arrive in work my co-worker have made a mistake and give extra 100€ paysafe to a customer in the beginning believe she have fall down or maybe throw it but when we see the cam we realize have give it to the customer

2st Story

Now with the Sun be hot i need to cover many of the products in the store. So let me write a story about this when i cover some products come a customer rip off the the cover and take a product but when i ask "why do that?" tell me don't see the products clearly

3st Story

Today i have a day off but yesterday was a good day because come a manager of a music artist and buy products around 75€ in the last 15' minutes ( before i close )

The products which buy was

2 Vodka ( 20€ )

2 Whiskey ( 30€ )

10 caps ( 1€ )

1 ICE Bag ( 2.2€ )

2 Juice ( 4.80€ )

1 Machine for smoke ( MyBlu Device ) ( 15€ )

1 gum ( 1€ )

with bags

Also give 5.50€ tips


Until my next post..

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