Support For Newbies | My 2 Cents On Steem BIG Price Drop And How It Can Be A Good Thing For You!!!

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Hey My Steemit Gang…


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Gaining success on a new platform is not never easy. And like many people, you came on steemit seeking success and some financial gain.You know you have great value to offer and you believe if you put the work in it then you will be rewarded.

And you were will but then there is a big drop in steem price. That sucks! Your payout is really low and discouraging and you’re losing money on the payout. I hear you. I made losses on some of my post because what I paid to promote them and what I got back was a complete loss.

But what did I learn…
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The price of steem was falling and I was buying. Then I said to myself if it goes down to $1.50 I will buy more. It went down to $1.50, then I said it might go lower so I didn’t buy I waited, it went up to $1.53 and then I bought.

I know that you want to get a big return right away but what I would encourage you to do, if you have the money is to invest in getting some steem.

When I was introduced to steem the price was $1.27. I did not buy until it was $5 when I remembered and decided to invest. So when I see a $1.50 price, it’s like me getting a second chance when I had just heard about it.

You know that social media is all the rave right now. Social media is like a big baby, it’s great but people are not really sure what to do with it. So right now they’re just using it to socialize. But soon socializing will become boring and people will demand more.

And that is where steemit comes it. This platform is providing an opportunity to socialize yes but in a new way. You get paid to talk about your life. Not the taking pictures and posting on how great your life is. But the stuff that makes you question life, your art, your creativity. You get paid to show how brilliant you are.

You don’t need to take money from your pocket to promote your art- there is a community of people that is more than willing to upvote your post and give you encourging comments and even resteem your post. Now that is the power of steemit.

Nowhere else you can go where someone pays you for your content. No it’s usually you paying advertising fee to get noticed. So I encourage you that if you have the money to invest, buy steem at the lower price.

And if you don’t -start posting every day. Most people are not posting now because they are discouraged, but not you. You will post regularly and get exposure that you might not have gotten with so many posts coming out per second.

Now is your time to shine- Invest if you can and post like crazy and if you don’t have money to invest then post like crazy and spend time commenting on others post. Spend the time to get known and it will pay off for you in the end.

That is my 2 cents on how you can benefit from the low steem price- please tell me what you think, would love to hear your comments.

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cool am really glad to see someone thats concerned about newbies