True Story of My Life!


Am a Ugandan By Nationality, Aged 22 years and male by gender, my life childhood was at a a very risk side form the the day i come on this planet earth really! My daddy or father i didn't see him face to face but someone just come to me and told that your father is dead when am 18 years old. But life without father i think you you that life! My mum was a strong mum but she was unable to pay for my school fees and my school requirements, everyday am among of those pupils/student who chased to go and pick the school utilizes!
I failed to get it and i planned and i buy my "hen" i started rearing at around three month a hen layed eggs, (12 eggs) and it hacthed them and only one egg who remains not hacthed well i think the problem was bad temperature. Those small chicks grown up and change them into a she goat all my chickens including a mother to those chicks. The goat God bless it at the first time she goat give birth to two young goats, i reared it. At around 12 month i sold it out and i got school fees for only one term.
Then the time comes when the Goat is just again pregnant i failed to get school requirements and i sat for a full term without going to the school.
But in all i thank God for what he have build in me and i will always praise him for the best of my life!
That is the little real story about me!
So call upon to help me to help the young children who don't have school requirements to support them to go to school and some they luck what to eat so help because i feel sad for them i put in that image and i cry my self!
Please help!12.png

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Thank you @melinda010100 for this advice!
God bless you!


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Thank you

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Erzähl mehr von deinem Leben, ich finde es sehr interessanten.

Tell me more about your life, I find it very interesting.

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Hello My Life was funny from My childhood.
Me all my life i have been with brother wife from 3 years to 15 years but in that i didn't know my father.
I have more to tell you but if you have any other way we can communicate its better than here!