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Hello Steem friends,
I vote for 4 people who posted impressive posts every day.
NEW! The VP will be 25% (instead of 20% which was until today) on each post of the selected minnow. This is in order to promote quality and good content on
What are the settings for minnow?

-I will now check comments from my last post and upvote the best commenters posts in my opinion.

please paste your preferable post link in the comment
-The posts have to be relatively good (informative, not plagiarized , not just pictures).

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List for today:

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Pulut Seri Kaya, is a food that has always been a favorite for us, its unique taste makes the tongue want to taste, and I'm sure all of you if you've tried it will be addicted to this one food



The danger of consuming cigarettes is real, this is how a smoker's internal organs after 10 years of smoking



Funny but a little horrible

Hi..!! @zip how long do you need to educate animals until you can take them by carrying them in such a way.

Always love the Qur'an and always do deeds from the Qur'an because of this Quran if we are always charitable, it is a very sure convenience to go to the heaven of Allah.


Hi.....! @yoo1900
frogs start their lives as eggs placed in their mother's water, in foam nests, or in other wet places.


This takengon-style dish is very tasty.
we find this dish on the outskirts of fresh lakes in the cold city of takengon (Aceh).


wooww ...
hai...!! @abdultalib121213
shrimp with a serving menu that invites appetite

congratulations on joining the contest world together @yoo1900


Hai..!! @yoo1900
Scientists in the US have 'modified' butterflies so that their bodies are able to emit light. The genetic modification tried in the African butterfly was done by inserting two types of genes from the jellyfish into the DNA of the butterfly, so that the beautiful insect emits green light in the darkness.


hi .... @adiwangure

I've also seen luminous insects like you post on your post. but unfortunately I did not succeed in documenting the insect.

I congratulate you on your dexterity in documenting fast-moving insects.


This man is very unique, he perpetuates the flag on his body, more than 150 flags are attached all over the body, unique and very strange



This animal must die because of our behavior, do not throw garbage litter because it is not us and the others who lose but other creatures also feel it.


Hi @yoo1900, thank you for choosing me as one of the winners today, hopefully what I share will always be a better life motivation for all.


Keep in mind, people who drown for 40 minutes usually usually have a chance to be saved, this is a way and hopefully this valuable experience will be a new science for all of us.



congratulations @tember you have won the contest from @yoo1900
Have a nice day

Today I have a special for our vegan food lovers:

A pumpkin 🎃 chili 🌶 recipe (how - to) with gifs :-)


Hello @yoo1900. Thanks so much for the previous upvote. I promise not to relent in posting quality write-ups.

Well here is another amazing post from your humble steemian @trojan.

A self driven car is cool but I can't hear anymore talking about the dangers in it. Find out here

As always great work @yoo1900. I'm really hoping to see your upvote on one of my posts some day. Here is a link to my latest post.

Congratulations to all the people who got support from you.

Hello @yoo1900. It's great if there are good people like you who care about us as small fish trying to become a pope in #steemit. With your kindness you raise our rank, (we can only try to make good and creative content to get curation from you) I can only say thousands of thanks to you, God bless you.


The butterfly-type animal that I found is an animal that I've never seen if friends at ESTEEMIT can recognize this animal.

Today I see turtles that live in two realms, namely water and underwater.the life and movement of the tortoise is very slow but the turtle is very observant of what will be the target of its movement.

hi ... @yoo1900
I showcase photography in Central Aceh

Aceh is magnificent with beautiful panorama and abundant natural products. surely Aceh is the lungs of the world because of its neat nature with forests that have not been destroyed by the ignorant hands of humans.

I @megasahara showcases ornamental flowers and betel nuts.
this post. I took it using camera Canon.
I try to display a post that combines pictures of flowers and decorative fruits that are often planted and cared for by the owners of each home.
Aceh, which is rich in various foods, sometimes we are astonished at the food we have never seen at all.
Roses seem familiar to all of us for flower lovers.
but we sometimes do not know that in Aceh there are many roses in the cold city of takengon
The journey to explore the forest sometimes we have to face various dangers that we don't realize.

North Aceh and East Aceh experienced a flood of fruits such as rambutan, langsat fruit and mangosteen. basically these fruits are good for health and recommended by doctors to consume them. But the fruits should first be seen in detail

Hi !!! @yoo1900
how are you ESTEEMIT friends.
Today is 10.15 am on September 13, 2018. Our village is in the BLANG CUT Village, visited by the Indonesian Police Replication Unit on duty at Gajah KAPOLSEK jungka. North Aceh Regency.


The only one or two colors of colored insects. but unlike what I saw today, these insects are small, agile, and friendly to the environment and we can hold them but my advice is not to hurt them.