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Hello Steem friends,
I vote for 4 people who posted impressive posts every day.
The VP will be 50% on each post of the selected minnow.
This is in order to promote quality and good content on
What are the settings for minnow?

-I will check comments from my last post and upvote the best commenters posts in my opinion.

-The posts have to be relatively good (informative, not plagiarized , not just pictures).

please paste your preferable post link in the comment


good luck!

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This post highlights the medical benefits associated with locust beans consumption;


People say that the child is more comfortable with his mother than father, but not all of that, you can see how comfortable this child is in his father's arms.



Hi friends, do you know that Dragonflies have a unique way of marriage, and if you see it is amazing, I hope you like it.



Posts discuss uniqueness
Unique, in this world nothing can be taken and everything can happen, like this woman has very unique ears.


This grandmother is very strong because at the age of 72, my grandmother was still able to give birth, strange but real.



What this child is doing is something unique, because the air is hot so he has a refrigerator cabinet a comfortable place to rest.

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The pearl of wisdom can always be uplifting, so that with the existence of pearls of wisdom, our enthusiasm for change is there.




Gratitude with the asphalt road, they are very happy because with the road all the activities are easy to do, this is the story of an inland area that is rarely touched by the hands of government.


This is the reality now, humans no longer put out fires with water but they put out fires with Hanphone.




NASA people always capture photos of the earth from year to year, and we can see how our earth is now changing color and hopefully we can always keep this earth able to smile.

Thanks @yoo1900 for your support for minnows
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Beautiful butterfly-coup which has beautiful colors and motifs that are unique, very rare.



Mobile phones are very dangerous for children, especially the eyes, avoid as much as possible so that negative things do not happen to your child or younger siblings.



This is the reality in this day and age, people who are wrong always get protection from the authorities, but the victims are the ones who bear what people do wrong.


Never scold your driver if the shipment is always late, because we do not know how, somehow they go through and face it.



Hi @yoo1900, here's the link:

Every religion has a different and different way of prostrating to God, so that if we observe the way of prostration it is different.


In this world there are so many cruel and terrible prisons, and this prison is one of them, many victims have lost their lives from a policy.



Unique disease:

2 Little Children Live Dependent on the Sun, if the sun goes down they are both immediately weak and helpless, this disease is very strange and the doctor is difficult to predict.


Bitcoin is down but make sure this is not a disaster, but the decline in bitcoin is a golden opportunity for us to buy and sell when prices rise again.



Hi friends, do you know if in Italy stealing food is not prohibited, and if you are curious then you can visit my post. And that must be very strange ...


Father works
Not traveling
Risk of father stakes of life ...
Love your father, he without giving up, his love is only for you.


An unfortunate story with a flight

Not always choosing a flight path is beautiful, because each of our minds is safe but in reality it is dangerous. But even so, the safest in the world is aviation transportation.