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Congratulations to the those curated today. The posts are really impressive and after reading through I don't have choice than to also upvoted the 4 posts and drop some comments.

@joelgonz1982 talked about weku, a new platform which is a clone of steemit.
@chanchuwei talked about pizza and ingredients involve in making it. I love pizza 🍕 so much.
@dewaled507 posted about a car built with ice cubes in Canada. What a great innovation
@ardiansyah posted about the women playing violin while doing her brain surgery. This is incredible

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This is a worm-eating human, and the unique thing is that this human being is a record breaker and the first one that can be consumed quickly when eaten.


Nowadays promiscuity has been very rampant and finally sex women easily offer themselves in public places and are no longer feared


The tree is very unique, has a color on the stem with colors like a rainbow



Maybe there are many ways to reveal a person's personality, one of which is to see from the way they do something or the priority they prioritize. And in this article @sintiana ask you to choose one activity that you did first.



If a girl usually likes to play dolls or watch Korean dramas, this one girl is very unique. He instead likes to play tough hair. To the extent that the fur is put on the face just like that. Maybe this girl can be called a caterpillar girl


This drug is very unique, even though it is ordered to drink 15 times a day then everyone still wants to obey, and I'm sure you, me and other friends also want to take this one drug.



It will not be forever that we have can we master, unless something is in accordance with our field, then whatever it is done according to your expertise because if not, then something will be in vain


Nowadays promiscuity has been very rampant and finally sex women easily offer themselves in public places and are no longer feared



This banana is very unique and different from other bananas in general, but apart from being unique, this banana has a very magical difference



This is a worm-eating human, and the unique thing is that this human being is a record breaker and the first one that can be consumed quickly when eaten.

Hi, friends.
my friend's journey entered into force to find JERNANG fruit in the forest of the CENTRAL BEACH found in Central Aceh district.


A creative does not need expensive objects and the most important thing is something that will be easily conveyed with what we expect



be careful with this land wasp. because if you are stung by this wasp. then your whole body will feel stiff and twitch.

JERNANG GAJAH is abundant in this area. but because of unstable prices and below the standard price of the original Jernang fruit.
Jernang Gajah fruit has powerful properties to cure stomach aches like diarrhea sufferers.
Elephant jernang tree is bigger than the original jernang, but the red sap content is not as thick as the color of Jernang Gading.
Bener Meriah, who is rich in Jernang fruit, must save a lot of extraordinary forest products because the forest is still good


Hi, friend
currently North Aceh is in spring. I mean LENGKENG trees are currently experiencing a flowering season, but now there are many pests in longan flowers. like flies, red beetles, mosquitoes with hard needles, and also planthoppers.

At this time Ronga Ronga had become a village Under The administration of Bener Meriah Regency.

From the other side of the village is still very lacking in terms of market development. Where traders sell their goods to Ronga Ronga people every weekend. they were forced to sell on the narrow side of the road. thus making it difficult for vehicles to drive on the road to Bergang village. traders as usual every weekend come to this village to sell their wares. like vegetables. fabric. sweet fruits and various other necessities of life.


My friends today visited the TELAGA BUNDA Hospital in the city of BIREUN (Aceh).,96.694397

Together with family, we take care of sick brothers.
when we arrived at the hospital. TELAGA BUNDA. after visiting him at the hospital, then I rested at the coffee shop. I accidentally saw this plant. I immediately asked the owner of this plant.


According to the statement of the person or owner of this fish in a meatball stall.
This fish has very rare features even though the writing is not perfect.
According to Chinese people, writing can be interpreted by the meaning of God.
Although the fish line is not perfect showing the word Dewa.

The religious knowledge he taught his son who was familiarly called "meme" by his brother absorbed the religious knowledge taught by his father very well.


Plants like what you see are flowers that are often seen around us.
This photo was taken by @alhamidah
my purpose and purpose of posting this flower plant is ...!
Do friends know about the excess of this flower or the benefits of this flower medically or medicine made traditionally ...?


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Being famous is not always beneficial, especially if the end of their lives is so tragic. And this is one of them.


Paper flowers (in English called Zinnia Flower, youth and old age flower) are in the form of small shrubs, originating from Mexico, Central America and South America. This flower is very thin and rigid similar to paper sheets. Paper flowers consist of 20 types of plants. This flower is a seasonal, shrub, and sub-shrub native to North America with one species extending to South America.


Interest is strange because this flower almost resembles a monkey's face, and its unique flower is named moyet orchid flower.


At present, Aceh, especially in northern Aceh, is conducting routine activities as a farmer in the fields.
beautiful scenery during the afternoon when the sun begins to set in the west end. that's where we can also see the farmers are taking a break from seeing their work from morning to evening.
a smiley face and satisfied with what they want. after planting, now it's time to wait for the harvest to arrive. 4 months later.
waiting is not only waiting, but they have to work hard in terms of maintenance. starting from fertilizing and spraying on the rice they are waiting for harvest.
the rainy atmosphere which is only accompanied by hot weather wants to make rice treatment more intensive.,97.205012

today I and my family are visiting my family's home in northern Aceh. really a memorable trip from the north sumatra city to aceh, when we arrived in northern Aceh, we were served a meal of durian served with roasted roasted rice.



This photo of the butterfly is taken by @adiwangure and posted to ESTEEMIT.



Sometimes a man is willing to do anything for the wife he loves, and sometimes in proving something is sometimes unnatural but he still does it.