Support minnows , Date 24.7.2018 promote content on Steemit

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Hello Steem friends,
I vote for 4 people who posted impressive posts every day.
The VP will be between 20%-50% on each post of the selected minnow. This is in order to promote quality and good content on
What are the settings for minnow?

reputation 60 and below
-I will now check comments from my last post and upvote the best commenters posts in my opinion. please paste your -preferable post link in the comment
-The posts have to be relatively good (informative, not plagiarized , not just pictures).
-will not upvote same user post twice in a week.

List for today:

good luck!

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Devoted to the community is part of the science that we have. This is my new link.



Animals only know to take refuge in the event of war

Congrats to all the winners, those are some good posts. Wish I could get this post to trending, I just want everyone that is into steemmonsters to have a shot at these rare Promo Lord of Darkness cards from the San Diego Comic Con. Thank you @yoo1900 for your continuous support to the community. God Bless


Congrats to all winners, thanks a lot @yoo1900 to day I was send you an exotic flowers



Congratulations to all winners, that is some good posts. Hope I can get this post into a trend. Thank you @ yoo1900 for your continued support to the community


Good luck to steemit is the best


Good luck to steemit is the best


Good luck to steemit is the best

Hello. Thanks for reaching out.
Here's my submission..

Hello boss,please check this out ,its quite educative

Thanks alot for your kindness,i hope to be a beneficiary too

God bless you real good!

Am super grateful to you for always putting smiles on the faces of minnows.

I decided to share my ponzi scheme experience, please i would love you to read about my experience and what other people think about the scheme too in my comment section.

I heard ponzi is back again

Congratulations to the winners. Here is my post


Congratulations to the winners!

I appreciate your consistent support to minnows like me.

Here is my link for today;

I hope you like it!

Thank you for your amazing support @yoo1900

HAVE a nice Summer. It's my posting about traditional food of Korea. ...

Congratulations to the winners, and thank you @yoo1900 for beeing so generous to the community and me :-)

.... i did not recognized, that i have beeing picked up above. So i change my entry now.

Hello @yoo1900,

Here is my entry,

Title: why are women attracted to men with cars?

I am back to steemit after while, thank you


Hello This is my post for the day I hope you find it interesting. IMG_5233.jpg

Thanks @yoo1900 for your efforts, i really appreciate it and congratulations to all the winners.
Here's my entry
images (8).jpeg

I am Pricasso most wonderful artist, today Pricasso made his first high quality movie of him painting his masterful delights from start to finish

Pricasso would love the support and appreciated my sire.

Be blessed

Yours Always