Upvote content, not content about the platform

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This is my plea to everyone on steem, and everyone on hive (which I'll be moving to)

Don't squander the reward pool on posts about the platform and its governance and future development. That's what the SPS should be used for. Especially given the world's current economic situation - use your vote wisely.

  • Support an Artist
  • Support a musician
  • Support someone making a game
  • Support a writer

Please support those making contributions of original content that isn't talking about the blockchain.

If you're going to a new social network, do you want to see information about the drama out of which it was borne, or flourishing creatives and compelling stories?

You can all decide, collectively, what that front page, and what the most rewarded content can look like.

It is my hope that it will be content-driven, not drama-driven.

Drama is for the history books. Content is for the now.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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This is what @joshman's @trendthis was all about. Hopefully the project won't be needed on Hive, but if it is I hope it can be started up again.


Yup, if the hive-centric content is overbearing, we'll be there! It's to be expected the first few weeks with all of the excitement though, so keep that in mind.


great. glad to hear this.


wasn't aware, now am, thank you :)

I'm hoping that everyone has had enough of that ridiculousness from early steem days XD but also with people being people there are those that won't be able to resist in the terrible excitement of the first few days/weeks/hopefully not freaking months honestly and there will likely be some who will see all the delicious upvotes those posts are getting and jump on the bandwagon because they just want to earn some honey o_O


can always downvote them I guess :D


If I ever a) nut it out enough and b) get up the courage to do so and c) they don't do it first I might suggest a "neutralise" thing for between upvote and downvote, for when you have "disagreement with rewards" ore some other mid-range kind of feeling but a downvote seems a bit over the top, which skims post payout but doesn't affect reputation XD (however they're going to be doing that over there).


I'll write up a template. Make it look like an honorific award, maybe? :D

You have very wise words. Like this a lot. I am sure you will continue to influence the platform in this great path. Thank you 🙏

Well said. I've been trying to find and vote more content which is about something I like, not about the platform. At some point I've posted too that people don't join on Steem to read posts about Steem.

With Hive, I'm willing to upvote Hive-content for a while and then continue normally to vote on artists, writers, buttholes and photographers.


I'll always upvote posts about bread. Just don't put any honey in it to butter me up, okay?


Oh no, I put some honey in the last bread.

I'm sorry I have failed you.

More bread posts coming! I might start my new journey on Hive with some bread.