The #SupportHonesty Challenge



My Challenge Response

I pledge to stick with Steem, to use the support of the community to help build a long lasting foundation. I pledge to continue to do everything in my power to better Steem as an investor, user & believer. As an investor, I will continue to think of ways to make Steem more investor-friendly. I will continue to pitch Steem to investors, businesses, and projects. I will continue to support Steem by powering up more then I power down.

As a user, I will continue to curate and be active on the platform. I am a fan of dog food, so I make my own and eat it. You can count on me making videos, writing posts, and speaking my mind on what ideas I have. When free downvotes come out, I vow to use them for good and to do my part to clean up the trending page and beyond. I pledge to help fight downvote abuse and help upvote victims being unrightfully harrassed.
In doing these things, I pledge to #supporthonesty on the Steem blockchain.

I challenge @nicholaslive @starkerz @therealwolf @nathanmars @andrarchy @tarazkp @taskmaster4450

Shout out to @guiltyparties for challenging me.

For more information on how you can join the #SupportHonesty challenge go here:

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Wow! Way to go. I am very late on replies, and was already thrilled with the promo post you made, @theycallmedan. It is on my list to get to all my connections.

All except the dog food, I am with you all the way. STEEM is a miracle for me and WILL survive and thrive.

You are doing so good to steem blockchain, keep up

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I just saw this on @tarazkp's most recent post and I am so excited to hear about that I rushed over to thank guiltyparties and you.

I am proud of Steem. I am proud of my conduct on Steem and I am glad to see this getting underway! It is about time we started rewarding behavior we want to see more of!

thanks @theycallmedan

Massive respect @theycallmedan. This is positive. Not sure on the dog food though.


Honestly? ;)

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Hi @theycallmedan
You're doing great work for Steem Community through curation, new initiative like 3speak and motivating authors to keep adding value to the platform. #supporthonesty is great challenge and I like honest people. Thanks

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I'll get back to writing stuff...soon. Very active summer on my front, but not on the blockchain that gave me a lot of purpose during last fall and winter. And I am sure it will do so again, come fall.

Now this a true Steemian challenge. I love it and I think I have already been doing most of the points, even though my impact is next to zero compared to yours. Thanks for being such a proud and active ambassador of Steem Dan, much appreciated. Btw, I just read your thoughts on the proposed burn system for powerdown and fighting bid bots abuse through free downvotes and I cannot agree more. I have been travelling a lot in the past couple of days so I could´t engage in the discussions much but I will be catching up on it. Keep it up man.

The downvote pool is going to be interesting. For one who flags now via @steemflagrewards, it's nothing new for me but it will be for many.

I hope a decent percentage have the balls to use it for the crap that is out there with outrageous pending rewards.

If you are sticking with Steem, I will stick too...

I am also the supporter of honesty not only on steemit but also in life.
As I told you yesterday I am with you and support you for steemit...
I am joining this challenge #supporthonesty...

I am right there with ya!! Imagine what this place would be like if people would just be honest in their doings. Just like life in general. I believe in Steem that is why I am going to be powering up another 500 SP today that I purchased over the past couple days. We are still in the “early” stages and we will continue to see Steem develop and grow.

I pledge to help fight downvote abuse and help upvote victims being unrightfully harrassed.

People rushing to get on @berniesanders downvote list thinking they'll get @theycallmedan votes.

Btw any particular reason y'all rejected me from @threespeak? Been nagging at me. I can and have done video. It's only going to get better.

May not be Michael Bay production values just yet as I need equipment but I can make people laugh. That's gotta be worth something, right?

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I've just started using Steemit again after a break and now adding a post a day wherever possible. Good initiative "the honesty challenge"

your idea in building steem is amazing, make steem friendly to everyone. No one need's to be sad. Many whale's in steem are here to support the powerless...have a nice day

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The dog drew me in. ;)

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I'm so happy to see great change and positive movement on the steem blockchain, if everyone is like this Honestly it would have been a better and a best 👍 platform to be. Thank you @theycallmedan

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@theycallmedan, Specially point of supportive essence towards the Harrased Steemians is most important because no genuine and innocent individuals should face the Injustice and it's important to protect them from any False Attacks.

It will sound repetitive but definitely you are inspiring others to bring changes and creativity on this space which will bring step by step value.

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upvoted and resteemed :)

@truthforce writing.