4년 전

You know, these thoughts happen.

If I died,

I thought to myself.

Maybe the world would be brought to a standstill,

Maybe all sorrows I've incurred would dissipate.

All blames to be apportioned would go with me too.

Although, they'd grieve so much and they'd never get over me


Then I realized that I'd previously lost a sister yet felt nothing after a week or two.

None of these phenomena happened.

The world, not even the world, a minority.

An insignificant faction of the world mourned for a day or two.

Tied by the courtesy of kinship, some friendship, some acquaintance.

Others by an obligation to shed few tears, a debt owed not even to dead but to onlookers and Passers-by.

I'd rather live and survive.

Survive, Yes. Coz that's what I seem to do best these days.

      Soboyejo Tawfique Babatunde
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