Steemit Vision Quest - Week 1: Sky Meets Sea

4년 전
in svq

This post is my entry in the Steemit Vision Quest - Week 1: Sky Meets Sea challenge which @cabelindsay created.

I see the sea,
I see the sky,
Do they see me
As I run by?

They both are blue
And seem to touch,
Always looking new,
I love them so much!

They excite me,
I want to play,
With the sky and sea
Each and every day.

I hope they know
They bring me joy
And I love them so!
They're my best toy.

(original poem, as the deer below gave it to me)

This is the perfect illustration of "living in the moment."

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That is the most delightful poem and video! Congrats on entering your first challenge on Steemit! 😊


So right! Delightful. That's exactly the right word.

Wow, your Steemit profile name really resonates with me: Dawn Of A New Age. How perfect. And I like your words here, accompanying this adorable deer, frolicking in the ocean. Great way to contribute to the "Sky Meets Sea" theme.

Thank you for this excellent entry in the Steemit Vision Quest.

Wishing you a brilliant and beautiful future.


I appreciate your contest theme. I've always thought the sky is the most ignored aspect of our planet home, seldom even noticed by MOST people. Not everyone has a sea view, but a sky view is always there, if they would just look up!


That's a precious thought, my friend. I'm going to cherish that sky I see today, thanks to you.