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Important fork and reset is being planned for the third super block; removing unclaimed forkdrops and reducing the inflation by 60% to restore the original vision of inflation are a major part of it. For more information, join us on Discord or Telegram.

Proposed changes are:

Reset the chain at the third super block
Remove the untouched forkdrops
Increase the collateral to 50K SWIFT
Reduce the block rewards from the initial 150 SWIFT to 60 SWIFT
Reduce the maximum budget accordingly
Change the first halving cycle from 8 years to 20 years
Add the first round of swiftrewards to the new snapshot
Restart the chain and airdrop the addresses based on the new snapshot
Pledge to vote yes to proposals that will want to attempt to claim their swiftcash, up to at least six months after this fork

Definition of a zombie address in this context: an address that only has one transaction, which has happened before block 200, which is labelled as forkdrop in the explorer. To find out more about the proposal that is still up for vote, click HERE.


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So does that mean if i haven't added to my wallet since the smartcash split i'll lose my coins?


The condition to determine a zombie is an address that has been airdropped, but has not been touched yet. Touching must be visible on the blockchain, it can be addition of funds which happens automatically if the address has been staking. It can also be partial spending.

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Has a date been set for there may be plenty. Of real people out their who would like to claim

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Yes. Block 130,000 so less than 5 days.

Sorry if I missed the explanation somewhere, but what are the instructions for redoing our existing masternodes?


It will be just like before. You'll just need to download the new wallet, and resync first.