From Switzerland with love - A second box arrived

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Greetings to all readers, thanks for being here and reading other of my publications

They say that the beauty of a country, is not only possible to reach it with beautiful landscapes and large structures, things that attract the attention of tourists.

The beauty of a country is its people.

their behavior, their culture, their way of integrating into society.

In the middle of last year, we had the opportunity to meet steemit, thanks to a friend, enthusiastic about cryptocurrencies, for nobody its a secret, the country where we live (Venezuela), is facing the worst crisis in its history.

a rich country, governed by corrupt, criminals, communists.
We are currently kidnapped in our own country, without freedom of expression, without free market, and now many ills have been added, the news does not come through the TV, what is really happening, almost nobody knows.

Television channels are sensitive and can not convey anything that really happens in the country.

there is no national production
there is no free market economy
there is no access to foreign currency
there are no imports
there is no food in the supermarkets
there is no supply
there are no spare parts for the vehicles, and those that are are at a very high price
what little there is costs a lot of money.

And to make matters worse, there is no money in the banks, the money is disappearing, for smuggling paper money and falcifying counterfeit bills.

This is the second box that arrived from Switzerland


After some time interacting in Steemit, I met a good friend.
thanks to a publication of my wife.

It was hard to believe that a minimum salary in Venezuela represented 30 dollars a month.

That was about 10 months ago.

things have worsened ten times more.
now the minimum wage in my country, is equivalent to 1,3 American dollars.

currently all Venezuelans are poor. even those who have a better quality of life.

But in the world there are more good people than bad, of that I am fully convinced.
this is a sample of it


a gesture of solidarity, which has unselfishly been with my family, this has generated a positive impact on the core of my family and even my friends.

My Daughters say they have a uncle in Switzerland who loves them very much and sends them gifts.
The best part of all, is that they are small and treasure this in a very special place of your heart.


they loved everything that contained the box, stickers, fantasy tatoos, colored pens, toy animals, and a pink box that weighed a lot.


The best part. they jumped for joy, because the box contained
A crystal ball, capable of showing the future.
They said that crystal ball can describe the future.


They told me they saw two bitcoin in the crystal ball


They also saw a very handsome man who looked like his dad, he was sitting in a very special place, a garden with flowers and the bitcoins shone next to him.


I would say it's my other self, later this year. 2 bitcoins in December. that is the goal.

I must build my future by taking the best decisions to achieve well-being for my family.

lately I have been working very hard with diving, and even in night shifts, reaching until 2 in the morning, faced cold and dark under water, this I do with courage and love, to be able to secure the money For my family.
Now that the currency market is low, it is time to devote myself to other activities that leave me money in the short term to meet our needs.
As I said before, the salary in Venezuela is already 1.3 US dollars.

We are building our future, working very hard.
You're doing it?

I would like to know your story.


Thanks for reading, there are more pictures and more details, we will share them in the future.

Blessings for all.

and especially for you dear friend from distant lands. country of famous high mountains and pocket knives.
beautiful swiss
we will see each other in the future face to face and we will give you a big hug ...!
it is a promise.

I appreciate your time that you dedicated to read and comment.

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My native language is Spanish I am using a translator to share my blog with you. Sorry if there are writing errors.

Thanks in advance to everyone for your support ...

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Every gesture, every detail is well received, no matter how expensive or economical, the smile of our daughters reflect everything, we are very grateful and happy to enjoy these blessings, wishing all those who bless us to be duplicated everything they do for us and for others. Thanks to our friend from Switzerland and other collaborators. May God continue to bless you.

esto es genial! me encanta que gente de bondad ayuden a un pueblo que tiene muchas ganas de salir adelante!las bendiciones para ti siempre vendran, saludos


Es cuestión del destino, anteriormente me pasaba largas horas frente al pc escribiendo y comentando, pero últimamente me he dedicado a trabajar largas horas en el mar, solo espero que las cosas vuelvan pronto a su normalidad.
Deseo que encuentres gente bondadosa en tu camino en la cadena de bloques de steem

I am moved by your great testimony. I know that your dreams this year will come to past. I am from Nigeria, things are different over here but poverty still exit. I know that after the great strom comes the great calm. Keep doing your best the world will never forget you. Shalom


Thank you for your kind words friend, I know that Nigeria is a country with many problems, but with very nice people, always singing and always with good spirit. I know the two faces of life and since I knew the cryptocurrency I have had better moods and much desire to fight for the freedom of my family and many people who need it. I want to be the owner of my time and achieve financial freedom to help other people in a more efficient way.

Shalom Brother

I love what i read hwre. I resteemed this post as i do thank you for such support to poor people.
I have promised my god and myself once i pass my crises too. I will donate 25% of my income too. But i an still kicking to pass my financial defect.
Steemit is one of the best solutions.
God bless you all


Here you will find very human people, willing to help others.
You can enter the channel in discord You are hope and be part of our team,
soon will come a project called good fellas there will also be welcome

God bless you

you are hope

Good Fellas

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his sister is very beautiful, what is his name...


If you read the publication you will realize that it is not my sister.
They are my two Daughters, Jerlin and Marcela.
They are very beauty girls, especially for their personality

Thank you


his son is very beautiful .., I can read his little character .., looks good and obedient to his parents .., my greetings to them. thank you

i think alot of countries are going through the same country too is going through hard times.but the only thing that keeps us moving is the bond of love we share in our family and among each a writer and new on steemit.will be honored you check my post


I could see your profile, I've always had the curiosity to go to africa. I see that you are very original. but so that you can see favorable results and be able to advance in steemit, you must be more consistent, you need to make a daily publication, there people will notice that you are active in the community.

I wish that your people are well and your country solves its problems soon.
God bless you


thanks dear friend

Excelente trabajo amigo, te felicito, que continuen los éxitos. Saludos.


Gracias hermanito. tenemos que seguir adelante.

Felicidades que alegría que siempre haya seres nobles en nuestro mundo que apoyen las nobles causas.
un abrazo.


Gracias hermano, un abrazo en la distancia.