17. march – the feast of st. Patrick

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Approaching 17. march, which is the day of the celebration of st. Patrick's day.

For Ireland's saint Patrick prior, who answered the call of the Irish people. One of the greatest figures of christianity. The irish are on their Patrick's very proud of and have be why. Unfortunately I'm in Ireland not born, but Ireland as such I am extremely fond of and even fell in love with. The feast of st. Patrick is for them, on the day of exuberant joy and meetings. Dress up that day in the national colors, which is as green as their beautiful country and like a shamrock clover, on which Patrick represented the mystery of the Holy Trinity, and which you clip on to the lapel to. The feast of st. Patrick, which is celebrated on the 17. march, is an opportunity to break the fast together and to have fun. Part of the celebration are traditional irish dancing, accompanied by playing the bagpipes...Just beautiful.The celebration of st. Patrick's day are the days when the Irish show their own nature. I would argue that in this day everyone wants to be Irish. Because it is a national holiday with a unique experience.

Who was actually st. Patrick?
He was born around the year 385 in Britain and died around the year 461. As a sixteen-year-old was kidnapped into slavery in the north of Ireland. His lord was shepherding the sheep. He tried twice to escape, but unsuccessfully. When on the third time he escape worked and after six long years of slavery. He managed to escape to France, where he entered the monastery. Often had to endure criticism for the lack of education. By their diligence all but added, and he longed to return back to Ireland. This is him after a long time managed, when he was by the pope consecrated the second bishop of Ireland. The former Ireland brought Patrick to christianity. In his life he ordained 42 bishops. He wrote a book Conffesio in which he wrote he first tried the conversion of the rulers, but they were more or less reluctant, but he gained the favor of the local lords. At their request, instructed the people about the new faith, preached to them and gave the example of his austere life and penance. During his twenty-year-old zealous action he baptized twelve thousand of the gentiles, and set up 365 churches, monasteries and monastic schools. The last years had Patrick on the sidelines. He died in the middle of the general. Little saints enjoying such popularity as Patrick in Ireland.

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