Irish dance

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Irish dance into the awareness of get thanks to the globally known show Riverdance. The main protagonist is the American of the irish origin of Michael Flatey. I'm certainly you will agree that these kinds of dances are in one word breathtaking, and when one adds to this the beautiful music is a joy to not only see but also hear. I would argue that the Irish dance culture can be assign to the wealth of Ireland as their rich history. Irish social dance is from the point of view of history divided into three types on: ceilí, set and step. Today, I would like to write a few words about the step of irish dances, which are so globally known.
Step dance evolved after it is discovered irish dance masters. They traveled from town to town together with the piper or violinist. Learn the basic steps. Their arrival was a great event and the city or village by the fall of the revived music and dancing for some time. Step dance has become the basis of future competitions . The original style of dance emphasized the closed form and attitude. The legs were together, no high kicks, mál or almost no turns and certainly no movements in the space. But that all changed. There was dancing on the small stage, then on the big stage, started showing off the steps in space, speed, kicks, and various other elements that this irish stepový dances have changed the way in today's time, show the group of dancers around the world.

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