11 hours conquering Shandong Taishan, the peak is like a fairyland!

2년 전

Taishan, the head of the Five Sacred Mountains, is known as the "first mountain in the world", with an altitude of 1,545 meters. It is especially challenging to climb! I chose the most classic and most challenging in Dengtai Mountain. It is called the “Taishan Yudao” Red Gate Line. The whole slope is steep, almost no flat road, nearly 7000 steps, it takes 4 and a half to 6 hours to climb to the top, provided that there is enough perseverance and physical strength.

At 11 am, I arrived at the Red Gate of Taishan. I brought food and shooting equipment, mineral water, biscuits, chocolate, etc. These are very physical, you can go up the mountain and buy, but bring yourself better, many people will choose to bring dry food, water is a must!

Tickets are 125 yuan. I bought the tickets and started climbing directly. This line has a lot of human landscapes, so it is very interesting. You can see temples, cliffs, monuments, etc. along the way, and also make the mountain climbing process a little more. Divided into fun.

Because I was on the ladder, I had a short fatigue in the first 30 minutes, but I quickly got used to it, and I didn’t feel any exhaustion behind. There are many people climbing the mountain, and even the ladies wearing the middle, the parents with the children, of course, I admire the most to hold the children to climb the mountain, physical strength is too much!

At 1 o'clock noon, arrive at Zhongtianmen. Zhongtianmen is the only place to go up and down Taishan, and it is also the halfway of mountain climbing, 847 meters above sea level. Those who are physically weak can take the cableway to Nantianmen from here, and the fare is 45 yuan. However, I have to challenge the whole journey to climb Mount Tai, so keep going!

The first half of the journey is already very steep, but the climbing steps from Zhongtianmen to Nantianmen are only steeper and steepest! During the climbing process, many people can see that they are panting with trekking poles. It’s really too difficult. There are only steps that can’t be climbed, and the scenery that is invincible but not too dazzling.

At 2 o'clock in the afternoon, I finally climbed to the 18th disk that made countless people daunting! The 18th plate is the most thrilling section of the Taishan circuit. The stone steps are 1827. The road is very steep and the vertical height is 400 meters! The cliffs on both sides have been cut off. It is just a glance that many people can be scared to the ground. There is really no exaggeration. The Ming people once sighed: "The land is five thousand feet, and the eighteen plates are washed!"

It can be said that climbing 18 plates, legs are not shaking, and dare to stand up and look down at the "God Man"! Because it is too permeable, the photos are far from showing the danger of 18 dishes!

At 4 o'clock in the afternoon, I have been afraid to look back. I finally climbed to Shengxianfang. Standing here, I really feel that I am in a fairyland! Here is the starting point for the 18-disc, which is the most trembling part of the 18th, and the only one today that makes me feel sour and soft in my legs. Nantianmen is in front of you, and victory is ahead! Be sure to stick to it!

It has been crawling for more than 5 hours. The last 1600 steps are unimaginable. I dare not look back. When I climbed to Nantianmen in 15 minutes, everyone is vying for a group photo. The hardship can be imagined. But I suddenly found out that this is not the highest point! My God, Jade Emperor is waiting for me!

Through the Nantianmen, it is Tianjie, the shops are everywhere, and the temperature is very low.

Take the sky street, go to the west gate, and the cliff on the right. Day Guanfeng is a place where night climbers watch the sunrise. The wind is very big and the temperature is very low. The courageous partners and couples will also stand on the natural boulder without guardrails to see the scenery and take pictures.

At 5 pm, I finally boarded the Jade Emperor! The highest peak of Mount Tai! What does it feel like? Five words: I am the best at this time! The scenery on the top is not described in words, even if it is "listing small mountains", it is too common. Without any tools, I climbed for 6 hours on foot. The feeling of boarding the Jade Emperor Top was really a sense of accomplishment. The constant wind made me have the illusion of floating in the air, so amazing!

Returning from the top of Yuhuangding to Nantianmen is a good time to watch the sunset. The sun is more than a golden rim in the clouds, as if it is within reach, people will never forget to return to the "fairyland" in this dream.

6 hours of climbing, although it is difficult overall, but it does not feel very tired. However, the challenge is far from over! It is easy to go down the mountain, and it is very challenging to go down from the south gate of Taishan Mountain. I dare not look directly at the cliff under my feet! I would like to recommend a good way for you to grab the railing and pour it down to reduce the pressure on the knees and fear. However, there are no railings after 18 rounds!

It’s still a long time since the beginning of the trip, and the knees are still sore. The back is completely dependent on inertia and perseverance. I walked up and down the same way as I did, but there were not many people going back and forth on the same day. After 5 o'clock, I was able to count down one hand.

After 8pm, I met a lot of people who wanted to climb the sunrise night. There are suggestions on the Internet for young people to climb at night, but after personal experience, I personally do not recommend night climbing, especially the lone girl. The hiking trails are very dark and there is no light. Not many people think that it is particularly cool and there are many people walking with them. It is also possible to encounter the fact that the sunrise is not seen due to the weather, and the legs are sore and unable to see the scenery when going down in the morning.

At about 10 pm, I finally returned to the exit. I was so tired that I sat directly on the floor, feeling like a dream. Uninterrupted steps up and down 11 hours, how cool is the legs? I don't describe it, I really don't describe it! It is recommended to soak your feet with hot water to soothe a lot!

When you travel to Tai'an, you will climb Mount Tai, but the whole journey is not the only choice, but after you stick to it, you feel that you are super amazing! Haha!

The perfect Taishan trip for 11 hours is a big gift for Yalun in Taian on the road of self-driving tour in China. It is also a breakthrough! If it is you, what kind of way will you choose to mount Mount Tai? Or what is the story with Taishan?

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