📷TAKE A PIC ROUND 17- BRIDGE! Orinoquia Bridge📷


This is my entry for week 17 of the Take A Pic and Comment contest organized by @olivia08. The theme: BRIDGE!

Puente Orinoquia1.jpg

The Orinoquia Bridge is a mega structure of 3156 meters in length and is the second bridge over the Orinoco River, it is a cable-stayed concrete and steel bridge, which joins the Bolívar and Anzoátegui states, becoming the second structure to be built in the Orinoco River, after the Angostura Bridge, opened on November 13, 2006, also joins the south and north banks of the Orinoco River at the height of Ciudad Guayana, Bolívar, Venezuela. The design of each bridge varies according to its function and the nature of the land on which it is built. Basically, a bridge consists of 2 main parts: the board and the supports. Normally, in addition to these two parts, they also wear armor. The work was coordinated by the Venezuelan Corporation of Guayana and executed by the Brazilian company Odebrecht.

Puente Orinoquia.jpg

Angostura amaneecer.jpg</center

Camera: ZTE phone

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What a great entry amiga @maxili63.
All your photography is so nice.
Keep it up.

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Happy day dear, thank you very much, always with you in your contest


Happy day dear, thank
You very much, always with
You in your contest

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