Take A Pic and Comment___A Papaya Tree by @olivia08

2개월 전

Hello there Steemit friends! The above photo is a papaya tree. See its multiple fruits? It's very spectacular. In fact, the tree is too slim to bear those fruits, even too heavy for such a small tree. This tree just grew all by itself beside the street which is only at the back of my sister's dirty kitchen.

I was sitting at the dining table facing the street and saw that awesome tree. My sister said that it never grows too big either. The natives take advantage of it whenever they pass by to be cooked for their viand. It never stopped bearing fruits. Perhaps, it is intended for the less fortunate so they won't starve. God is good all the time.

This is my entry for Take A Pic and Comment as initiated and curated by @olivia08

This photo was taken by yours truly during a family visit in Island Garden City of Samal IGACOS, Samal Island.
Photo taken using Samsung Galaxy

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