Talent builds on history

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Why get scared?
Go ahead
The dream will succeed.
Hidden in you,
Show it
Will gain

Some people are born on earth with innumerable infinite talent from the Creator. It is an invaluable asset.
Every human being is inherently talented. Talent is something that is very beautiful and capable of doing right. For environmental reasons, someone deliberately exposes it. Nobody wants to do it again. Because not all people can do everything properly. Our ideas are not correct in many cases. We think it's the first time to compete or study. That person is talented. Then, the rest who took the test or the competition.

Why are they not talented?
Because we all refuse to be talented. Everyone has some talent. Maybe different people.Some are in sports, some sing, some dance, some in art, some in study and so on. There is a difference between being talented and being developed.
It is almost impossible to develop a talent without regular practice. Talent and intelligence are interrelated. Where there is talent, there is intelligence, It is not possible to develop talent without intelligence. If you do not try to wit yourself, talent can not be expressed.

Newton great scientist says,
"There is nothing to say about talent, the use of time and hard work gives rise to talent."

Who can explain even the simplest things differently, They can also give simple explanations of complex things. Those who are knowledgeable among school-age girls usually want to be the first to take the test, Asked to grow up, Dr. O. Eng. Because it has a family, social respect and a beautiful future. Talented boys and girls continue to pursue their desired goals in addition to their studies. The progress of human civilization depends on education and science. And books are the main means of acquiring knowledge and the true holders and carriers of knowledge. Books increase the range of human knowledge. The book develops the dormant talent of the people. The book unveils the knowledge gained from the book. Makes people aware of their responsibilities and can change the outlook of a person's life.

The greatest wise person in this world was a book lover. This is because by reading books, people enter the vast knowledge kingdom and uncover many unknown horizons. Every human needs to have unique qualities in order to keep the earth moving. These qualities add something new to the history and civilization of the world that moves the world forward. People from all over the world compete in various forms with some strange talents and hobbies. They are just as enjoyable as they are.

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