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Humor is a unique human thing. It is a sharp weapon. It can make people laugh and slander others.To make humor work, you must first consider: who are you laughing at?What effect does this humor have on him?A guest named Brandt from Ohio went to see President Lincoln, but he was embarrassed when he met the president.Because when he was talking with the president, a group of soldiers came outside the presidential palace, and they were waiting for the president to speak.

So Lincoln invited Brandt to go out to meet the soldiers and talk to him in secret.But just as they got to the corridor, the soldiers cheered in unison.An adjutant came forward and ordered Brandt to step back. Brandt was very embarrassed.President Lincoln said to him, "Mr. Brandt, you have to forgive them. Maybe they can't tell who is the president."

When Brandt was embarrassed, Lincoln solved the problem in time with his humor.In fact, people all know what the value of humor is. The value of humor lies in making people laugh, making people happy, and making others feel good, just like Lincoln did.Many leaders are used to using this technique.


They are often praised for their ability to make people laugh. Humor has actually become one of the main ways that leaders agree to control others.As for this, we can find a clear proof from Fletcher, the former American ambassador to Italy. In fact, Fletcher himself once joked about this: "I have accomplished two things: one is to recruit a group of people, thus winning the diplomatic victory. the other is to learn a lesson from this."

The reason for this is that in order to avoid a sudden war, the United States withdrew its former minister to Chile and sent Fletcher to take over. Therefore, he went to Chile at a time of crisis.When he got there, his friend, the Minister of Brazil, took him to a famous local club and introduced him to Chilean celebrities, who had no intention of shaking hands with him.

There was even one person who said that he welcomed Fletcher himself very much, but was not interested in the title of representative of the United States.Not knowing that Fletcher knew Spanish, the man turned to a friend in Spanish and said, "at least talking of his country, I would not buy an American shoelace."

At that time, Fletcher didn't say a word. At the end, when he felt the opportunity, he said to the people in Spanish: "gentlemen, I think my mission here has failed.One of our diplomatic purposes today is to improve trade relations between the two countries.Now, however, there is nothing I can do.Because on the first day I came here, I was unfortunate to learn that the shoelace market in my country had been completely discredited. "

The Latin American audience, who were sensitive to everything, were astonished at Fletcher's speech in their language, and he was so humorous that he couldn't help laughing.They turned around to make fun of their compatriots and welcomed this distinguished guest from the United States to join their club activities.


Since then, the man who disrespected the United States has become one of the most friendly friends and supporters of the United States. Coupled with the efforts of the rich businessmen in San Diego, the long-standing deadlock between the two sides was quickly solved.

In this case, although Fletcher asked the Chileans to make jokes about their compatriots, he got people's favor by laughing at others, and even the one who was ridiculed became his friend.Obviously, it's not because the person himself is amused, but because he has learned his lesson.

However, if humor does not choose the right object, it can also hurt a person or even ruin a thing, which is well known.We laugh, mostly because there is something, something, or someone that causes us to laugh, which is more when we are with people.For example: when a child sees an adult fall, he will laugh more than once. when we see a cartoon of a big man, we will be overjoyed.And so on.

As long as it is a smile, there must be something that triggers it.When we feel ridiculous, it can improve the other party's self virtually, let him win our laughter, let him also have the pleasure of complacency.Some people do not understand the value of humor, which should be a major regret in their life, so they are often hated for unintentional ridicule.In fact, the most effective way to attack other people's self is to make fun of him, to satirize him and to laugh at him.

Tactful people often use it to ridicule those who have framed them and to subdue those who oppose them. However, this kind of humor is not well intentioned, so it is not easy to gain favor from others.

What Lincoln uses is a humorous way to win the favor of others, that is to make fun of himself to entertain others, which is a strategy often used by many leaders.Because laughing at ourselves will never cause conflict, and when we are teased, if we laugh together, we can achieve the same effect.


Another kind of good humor can be confirmed by the following fact.One summer, Coolidge went to Heishan for summer vacation. He held a press conference and announced that July 4 was his birthday. He would hold a grand banquet on that day, and invited reporters to attend.The reporters were very happy, so someone asked him if he would like to set off fireworks.Coolidge blinked and replied, "Oh, no! Let's leave it to the reporter." although Coolidge made fun of the reporter, the joke was kind, laughing but not joking.

The reason why such humor can make people feel good is that it can think for the people who are being teased.If we want to make good use of humor, we must use words carefully. We must not hurt their psychology by teasing others, which will only make you regret later.Only good humor can make people feel happy and relaxed. It can not only maintain a good relationship between people, but also ease the tension.

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