Actifit and TARC

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"Built as one of the first Smart Media Tokens on top of the Steem blockchain, with beta Android and iOS mobile apps already available on playstore and app store, Actifit tracks and rewards your activity via Actifit(AFIT) tokens, but also STEEM rewards via upvotes on your Steem posts."


And guess what else they do?

Actifit now supports TARC!

We are so pleased to announce that our charity organization is one of those included in Actifit's list of charities to support! For more information, see their post about it HERE.

Thank you, @actifit!

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Nice one! Love actifit! :)

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Very cool. Once my legal fight is done with the government I can switch it over.

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Yay for Actifit support :D hope it helps a tonne!

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I just discovered this today in the app. So cool! On it. 😀