Another Successful Transport!

2년 전
in tarc

We did it! We successfully sent two more dogs to forever homes in New England. Reba and Heath left yesterday on transport and arrived today around noon in Vermont. We heard that Reba was very scared, but we expected her to be. Heath, on the other hand, fared well on the trip and was a happy little ball of fur when he came off the van.

Transports like this leave us little to actually report except a bit of good news. But I did manage to catch some photos and videos of my drive across the mountains of Bland County, Virginia. It was rainy and foggy, but the scenery is still lovely. Enjoy the footage! And we'll bring more updates about these two as they come in.

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Yay! I'm so glad these sweet dogs have found families. Looks like Heath was just loving the trip, hahaha. My dog loves car rides too, and my parents' dog; however, the latter seems to know when we are headed to the vet, and on those trips he is very anxious and wants to sit on your lap the whole way. He's a Golden Retreiver mix so... someone ends up with a very flat lap by the time we arrive at the vet!