Update on Milo and the Great Plumbing Debacle of 2019

2년 전
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Recently we posted about a critical need for funding. Several issues arose for us recently, including a plumbing disaster, a severe facial injury for one of our dogs, and an upcoming transport that needs funding. Since then we had a pledge for the plumbing repair and some help with the expense of transport. However, that still leaves a remaining balance of more than $500 on Milo’s vet bill after the conclusion of follow-up care, and a pledge is only a pledge—no money has yet landed in the TARC bank account. It will, but not before we have to move ahead with the last phase of the repair.

TARC secured a loan to cover the cost of plumbing materials. While this helps, it’s a bad way for a nonprofit to do business. We have to repay that loan with interest as well as cover the outstanding vet bill. Ideally, we need to raise about $1,000 USD immediately to cover both debts. Even half that would help. Is there anyone out there in the Steem universe who’d be willing to give us a much-needed leg up?

As for Milo, the dog with the injury—he is healing beautifully. Once the fur grows back on his face, the scar will barely be noticeable. He’s back to normal in every way, sweet as ever, and abundantly grateful to everyone who helped him.

So are we!

Direct donations can be made in Steem or SBD to this account, and FIAT dontations can be made to us through PayPal at rescue@tazewellarc.org .

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We just through the same thing with our advocacy society; Raising funds for an elders house down the way whose pipes burst during the super cold snap


Hi, Andy! Long time, no see! Hope you're doing well.

Yeah, burst pipes are a nightmare. We had to replace everything.

I wish I could send some fiat, but a bit short this month. Maybe soon I could send a couple of dollars.

Hug the doggies for me. Prayers as always.

I’m happy that the innocent dog is getting pretty well, that shows a good level of care coming from you guys towards him.

I’ll resteem this post for more visibility and for more audience, meanwhile, I don’t have raw Steem to donate but I’m forwarding little SBD to this account. I wish more steemitians could come together and donate, I believe that steemit is a lovely community that cares for one another.

Everything is gonna be fine @tarc

I’m a friend @maxdevalue

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