Popping My Tarot Tuesday Cherry!

2년 전

Oh man I know it’s 2am in the US now but I still wanted to post my first Tarot Tuesday while I hope most of you are asleep. Enjoy this Horseshoe Question reading!


Question: How well will my dream of making a queer cafe go?
(A cafe because I think queer folk need an option for a sober space)

Reversed Knight of Cups: Past Influences

The Knight of Cups reversed allows their emotions to control their life too much. They may be moody, jealous or emotional to the point of incapacity. They may jump to conclusions before getting all the facts. If their card shows up reversed, either look at yourself and at how you are acting, or realise that the person involved may be acting from their emotions rather than from any form of logic.

Four of Pentacles: Present Situation

Even though this card shows a practical and financially stable person, it often indicates possessiveness, greed and an overly cautious approach to life. You may be afraid to take risks, both financially and emotionally for fear of losing everything that you have attained so far. As a result, you may be vaguely unhappy and unfulfilled. Deep down you are starting to realise that you have sold out for a conservative and overly ‘safe’ approach to life.

Reversed Queen of Cups: Positives

The reversed Queen of Cups can indicate an over-reliance on other people’s emotional responses, which may result in a co-dependency type relationship. You may want to examine your current relationships. Is there co-dependency? Are you giving too much of yourself and not getting anything in return? This Queen nurtures for the sake of inducing dependency, and places undue importance on being in a relationship, no matter what its quality. There could also be a tendency towards having too many expectations from your partner.

The Emperor: Difficulties

Domination of the mind over the heart is sometimes unwanted or best avoided but with the Emperor, it is necessary and even welcomed. If you are facing difficult choices, you must maintain your concentration and focus. Enjoy the assertiveness and confidence that this self-control and focus brings. Push ahead and do what you know is best. Know that if you can master yourself then you should have little problem mastering the world and everything in it.

Ten of Pentacles (Upright/Reversed?): Outside Factors

The Ten of Pentacles is such a great sign that despite challenges and setbacks along the way, you will finally reach a point of completion and accomplishment in your journey. This sense of accomplishment is likely to be as a result of an improved career path, more solid financial reserves, a stable home environment and a possible committed and long-term relationship. This is one of those cards that shows that everything will eventually come together in a wonderful way and you will feel highly successful and proud of everything you have achieved. You will also feel compelled to share this success with others to ensure that they are also well cared for


Reversed, the Ten of Pentacles is about failure on a financial level. This card indicates financial loss, problems with investments, and lack of resources. Despite a lot of time and effort, there seems to be many limitations to future success as a result of a poor foundation. In some cases, this card represents the problems of money, such as fears about finances and quarrels over property, as finances become an impediment to the enjoyment of life. It could indicate that you are beset with financial burdens and responsibilities.

Reversed Devil: Best Course of Action

The Devil reversed may refer to the Buddhist principle of detachment. Detachment, also expressed as non-attachment, is a state in which you overcome your attachment to the desire for things, people or concepts of the world, thus attaining a heightened perspective. The detached person is the happiest, for to live without attachment is to live in true freedom. It is important to note, however, that the Buddhist principle of detachment does not mean that you no longer care for things or people but rather that you separate your own existence from them in such a way that means you can still care about them but that you are not dictated or defined by their existence.

Seven of Wands (Upright/Reversed?): Result

The Seven of Wands can indicate a challenge to the continued success of a venture or creative project from an external source. While it appears to block your path forward, you can overcome this challenge or obstacle by drawing upon your strong self-confidence, self-belief and continual self-improvement. It can also be overcome with effort and clarity of purpose.


This card can suggest that you are trying to avoid conflict wherever possible, and as a result, you are backing down on your point of view too easily. As soon as someone challenges you or opposes you, instead of standing up for yourself, you compromise or give in. It appears that being accepted and liked by others is more important than standing your ground and fighting for what you believe in. Alternatively, you may have tried everything possible and have given it your best shot but you are now starting to realise it is not worth the struggle. Even though you may not have made any progress yet wanted to, it is time to let this one go and move on. It may feel like giving up but in the long run, it will be for the best.


I hope you found my reading interesting, I may need to figure out symmetrical minor arcana, if you have any tips, do send them my way!

Note: Meanings borrowed from Biddy Tarot, as I am too lethargic from the hospital to type from my physical guide book. I will try typing my own readings next Tuesday.

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First off, LOVE seeing Bubbles peeking out from behind the cards...LOL!

Nice job for your first Tarot Tuesday. Sorry to hear you're fresh out of the hospital, and I hope that whatever was wrong stops being wrong, and you feel better soon.

As for your reading - maybe, for future Tarot Tuesdays, you could start adding your own insight to the cards as well. While you mention the source of the interpretations (YAY! Two points for Gryffindor), the ratio of copy/paste to original text would actually warrant a visit from Steemit's resident kitty bot.

And I know first hand how difficult it is to put that book down, and interpret for myself. I'd been doing Tarot readings (non-professionally) for over 20 years, with my paperback copy of "A Complete Guide To The Tarot" by Eden Gray clutched in my hand. I'd draw the cards, look up the meaning, read it out loud, then explained it to the person I was reading.

It took a local friend telling me, about ten years ago, "If they wanted to know the book meaning, they'd buy the book." Now my poor, beat up paperback is gathering dust resting in a place of honor on my bookshelf.

So, in your dream to create a queer cafe (awesome idea, by the by), how do you interpret the reversed Queen of Cups? Does this mean there are people in your life who don't like the idea, and they're trying to discourage you? How about the cards you listed as "upright/reversed" Is it not clear from the card face which way is up? If so, is there an interp particular to that deck? And what deck is this? The Tarot De Marseille? Why did you choose this deck, and what do you like about it?

I have more questions, but I'll stop... for now... LOL!

At any rate, I'm glad you jumped in, even if it was waaaay past my bedtime, and I hope to see more from you (and not a book or website) in the future. Bright blessings to you!


Thanks for the insight! Yeah I was in the hospital for usual mental health check. I have bipolar disorder, mainly why I am there as well as anxiety.

Hopefully next Thursday I can muster up some energy to interpret the readings without copy pasting!

Oh and I got those Powerpuff Girls sheets 70% off as an adult and not ashamed at all. My Little Pony is the next set of sheets I want but they're still too current to be on sale.


You're very welcome. While it sucks that you needed to be in the hospital for a mental health check, I'm also glad that (from the sounds of it) you're staying on top of things. I have a couple of friends/family with bipolar disorder, and I have depression/GAD myself, and I know first hand how wicked tough it is to deal with it all.

Oh! That reminds me of a comic I recently shared on Facebook... hang on, let me see if I can find it again...

via Robot Hugs

I'll keep an eye out in Tuesday, in case you're feeling up to it.

And hey, I can totally see the appeal of those sheet sets. Hell, if they had a Kimba the White Lion set available, I'd have to have a serious talk with my husband... LOL!

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Love Tarot....you do readings on here ever? I have some decks but don't really read for myself very often