Tarot Wyzdom with Love: Lessons 1 - 5 Midterm Quiz, Get ready to be Tarot Tested

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Because we know the tarot can be very overwhelming to a new student, it’s time for a review and a short quiz.

With lesson #5 we are halfway through the series of 10 lessons created specifically to get you quickly and easily using your tarot cards.

This blog centers on the midterm quiz covering Lessons 1 - 5.

To prepare for the midterm quiz:

  • Read lessons 1 - 5 thoroughly
  • Study the charts provided in the lessons
  • Do the activities outlined in each lesson
  • Explore Suggested Additional Study Materials lists

Below are the links for Lessons 1 - 5:

Lesson #1 - 7 Steps in 30 Minutes or Less to Learn the Tarot Cards

Lesson #2 - 9 Important Things to Know for Choosing and Cleaning Your First Tarot Deck

Lesson #3 - Tarot Wyzdom with Love: How to Dissect the Tarot Cards

Lesson #4 - 4 Easy Steps to Conquering the Court Cards.

Lesson #5 - Tarot Wyzdom with Love: Making Sense of The Major Arcana


Suggested Additional Study Materials

A complete list of suggested materials to further your research and exploration from Lessons 1 - 5.

There are many great books on the market to further explore tarot journaling - a few that we recommend are:

clicking through these links and/or making any purchase
through them supports building a more loving world and
continuing the Epic Journey.

Suggested Beginner Books

Book List for Study of the Court Cards


The Midterm Quiz

How to answer the questions.

  • If you have a steemit account please post your essay answers in a comment.
  • Post your essay answers in the thread on our Facebook group Tarot Wyzdom’s Epic Journey
  • Answer the questions in your tarot journal.
  • At the bottom of the test are the answers to all the questions except the Essay questions. Your essay answers should be posted on one of the public forums. Document your answers offline first, then copy/paste them into the forum. This way you are not accidentally looking at the answers written by others before you get a chance to test yourself.
  • Below the answers is a Grading Scale for those who want a grade. Feel free to post your grade in the comments section.

True or False

  1. In order to effectively read the tarot cards you must first memorize the meanings of each card.
  2. The Major Arcana depicts mundane life.
  3. Your first tarot deck must be a gift.
  4. The Court Cards represent Archetypes
  5. A tarot deck consists of 78 cards.
  6. It is impossible to pull the wrong card when receiving a tarot reading.
  7. Many great tarot decks came from The Golden Dawn
  8. A tarot deck can be in the shape of a rectangle, square or circle.
  9. Overall, elemental associations are unimportant in tarot.
  10. There are 2 main groups in the tarot.

Multiple Choice

  1. Which sentence is incorrect?
    a. There are 40 number or pip cards, 16 Court Cards, and 22 Major Arcana cards in a tarot deck.
    b. Sometimes an artistic tarot deck will have less than 78 cards.
    c. There are 14 cards within 4 suits, each representing earth, air, fire, and water in every tarot deck.
    d. In every tarot deck there are 56 Minor Arcana cards and 22 Major Arcana cards

  2. Click on the links to investigate the tarot decks. Which two decks are the best for deep tarot study?
    a. Radiant Rider-Waite in a Tin and Thoth Tarot Deck
    b. Smith-Waite Centennial Tarot Deck and Millennium Thoth Tarot deck
    c. Universal - Waite Tarot and The Golden Dawn Magical Tarot
    d. Radiant Wise Spirit Tarot and Starman Tarot
    e. Any of the combinations above are great for deep tarot study.

  3. Which Major Arcana card below is not a Thoth/Fire?
    a. IV. The Emperor
    b. X. Wheel of Fortune
    c. VIII. Strength
    d. XX. Judgement
    e. VIII. Justice

  4. Which statement is true?
    a. The symbols and messages in the tarot are already stored in the subconscious.
    b. Before beginning a tarot reading it is always important to focus and shuffle the deck exactly three times then cut the deck three times.
    c. It is possible to pull the wrong cards for a reading if you are not focused.
    d. Blending book knowledge with self-knowledge and intuition is the road to a disastrous tarot reading

  5. The elemental Chart of the Courts...
    a. Blends together elements and status to produce defining qualities.
    b. Tells us that all Knights represent Air
    c. Shows that water/water are the elements for the Queen of Cups
    d. When the elements are combined, the sum is that of more complex characteristics of the personality.
    e. All of a. - d. are correct.


Glossary wordDefinition
1. Major Arcanaa. One of the four is assigned to each Major Arcana card
2. Minor Arcanab. Consists of 16 Court Cards and 40 Pip cards
3. Court cardsc. A highly relevant aspect in all tarot cards except the Court Cards
4. Elementsd. Represents archetypes, personality types and the planets
5. Atomic Correspondencee. Conflicts with Rider-Waite concerning Strength and Justice
6. Hebrew Alphabetf. Earth, Air, Fire and Water
7. Thoth tarotg. Most important aspect for reading tarot
8. Numerologyh. A letter of the Hebrew alphabet is assigned to each one
9. Suitsi. An aspect of Kabbalah which gives depth and meaning to each of the 22 cards.
10. Self-trustj. Found in the charts as an aspect of the Major Arcana cards.

Essay Questions

Write your complete answer in the comments below, post it on the new Facebook tarot group, Tarot Wyzdom’s Epic Journey, in the comments for this thread.

  1. Explain how the chart below works.

The Elemental Chart of the Courts

XXXXXXXWands (fire)Cups (water)Swords (air)Pentacles (earth)
King (fire)Fire/Firefire/waterfire/airfire/earth
Queen (water)water/firewater/waterwater/airwater/earth
Knight (air)Air/fireAir/waterair/airair/Earth
Page (earth)Earth/fireearth/waterearth/airearth/earth
  1. Discuss how numerology, the hebrew alphabet, the elements and astrology interweave together to define the Major Arcana cards.

  2. Why does the method for learning to read the tarot cards in 30 minutes work? Once you accomplish this method then what will you do to continue getting better?

  3. Why and how do you cleanse and consecrate your tarot cards?

  4. List the 6 groups found in the tarot cards and explain each.


Upcoming Tarot Course Study Materials

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Answers:T/F - 1.F 2.F 3.F 4.T 5.T 6.T 7.T 8.T 9.F 10.T Multiple Choice - 1.b 2.c 3.e 4.a 5.e Matching - 1.h 2.b 3.d 4.f 5.j 6.i 7.e 8.c 9.a 10.g

Point scale: All correct answers receive 2 points each. Essay questions each receive up to 10 points.


In the next lesson we are posting the 7th blog in this series discussing how to use a tarot spread.

If you missed the 6th Lesson Tarot Wyzdom with Love: The Pippin' Cards #6/10 click here to catch up.

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