Tarot Card of the Day - The Magician



This is a new feature and each day I will pick at random a card from my personal Tarot deck, the Tarot of Prague.

Today's card is THE MAGICIAN

It indicates creative and positive beginnings. The magician is a person who performs real magic (as opposed to a stage magician who is essentially an illusionist) will take and direct energies from various places such as things, people or animals, and then combine them in unusual ways.

In life, it is possible for you to control your energy to some extent and here the Magician says to you that you do have the capacity to do this, and to make the right choices when you concentrate and do this well. The energy of the Magician is generally positive, but it is strong and it can be a double edged sword too if you are not careful. Please be thoughtful about what you are creating and what you wish for.

The Magician with regard to friends and family indicates that all should be going fairly smoothly and that there may be some new people arriving on the scene - changes are coming. These could be a new romantic partner for someone in your family (perhaps even you) or it could simply be a new friend or acquaintance that you make. Having said that on occasion someone must make an exit from our lives in order for there to be space left for someone new to come in.

In your work and career, it points very much to the need to take a risk. Think creatively or differently about your goals. Why not suggest some new ideas to your boss for new procedures that you’ve been thinking about that might benefit your firm’s processes and its bottom line.

If you are looking for work and having trouble getting any, try a different method. Join a club. Volunteer for a local event. Network online more. Anything at all that will put you in the position of meeting new people, and getting the opportunity to say that you are looking for new opportunities.

Finally the Magician shows that you must learn to integrate the mundane and the spiritual in your life. Think about the internal voices and messages that your inner self is getting from the way that you behave, think about, and treat yourself. Not to mention how you treat other people around you. Are those messages positive? Try to treat everyone with fairness and be considerate of others, and then they may think of you in the future when you need help...

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