Don't Fear The Unknown

8개월 전

I've stepped away from Steemit for some time when I probably shouldn't have. Perhaps the reason was that I have been shifting gears and a public grinding of them would not have been very pretty. So, I am hoping to post here more regularly and will likely be sharing some of the wisdom of gathered in the past few years relating to divination and the tarot.

I've been reading cards for about 3 1/2 years. I took to them, or they took to me, I am not sure, in a way that was unexpected and quite wonderful. I'll keep this short and just mention the fear factor involved in getting a reading.

I believe that fear is the most common reason for people to avoid having a tarot reading for the first time. It's something I've heard often from people new to the experience. In an atmosphere where fear is programmed into us, it comes as no surprise. But of all the imaginary things that we are meant to fear, a good reading should be at the bottom of the list. The way I read the cards is to provide answers and insight to what you need to hear, not to leave you sitting in a corner scratching at the walls. The cards can give you insight and light. It is the replacement oxygen that you sometimes feel sucked out of a room. A good reading makes your next moves so much easier.

I will be dropping helpful insights and reflections here as I go. I hope to interact with some of you and see where it takes us.

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