Tarot Reading with the Golden Botticelli deck

3년 전


Happy Monday Steemit.
Today, I was inspired to check out the Golden Boticcelli deck. I will do a more complete look at this beautiful deck tomorrow, but today I wanted to take a peek at the energy at the beginning of this week.

Today, we get 3 Major Arcana cards(again).

The World, Judgement(reversed), and The Devil.


Last week, we also got 3 major arcana cards, and it was an intense week. Don't expect that to change, but this looks better than last week.

The World is showing that a new chapter is about to begin. It shows accomplishment and reward after a long road, which will be like rain on a desert.

This is followed by the reversed Judgement card, which in this deck, is about doubt and not wanting to make a decision. This makes sense after the craziness of last week...

Finally we have the Devil, which shows the thing that will sway the decision. It is temptation, and the promise of passion.
All in all, it looks like the Devil is what finally gets us to move forward, and I think that it's a good thing. Just keep in mind that whatever the Devil represents in this case is probably not a good long term strategy.

Blessings, Steemit, and have fun playing with The Devil:D

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This all makes sense to me, your readings always provide us with valuable insight to any situation! Thank you and soooo much sunshine and hugs your way!



Ohmai, here we go!

Can't wait to see how this unfolds.

Informative and a great post.

we are waiting
Im very excited about this publication

Great to see others sharing their inspiration from the tarot on here 😊


You should also check out @intutivejakob and @traciyork.
There is a great tarot community on Steemit!


This is amazing to hear. Ive had the deck of cards i use for twenty years now and they wanted to reveal themselves to the steemit community so i have!
i shall certainly connect with the other two people you've mentioned too, thanks and i look forward to your continued inspiration in the future too 😊

I’m not too familiar with tarot, though my mom gave me a deck years ago, I guess I’ve just been intimidated..,but I have always admired the imagery in decks, and the rich symbolism 😍


Tarot is definitely worth putting in the time. It's so helpful in making sense out the craziness of life.

I've had a rather extraordinary run of good luck, minus minor heartbreak, throughout your past few (very tense, conflicted, almost dangerously uncertain) readings, so after such a run of luck, I much appreciate your caution that "whatever the Devil represents in this case is probably not a good long term strategy"--because I could have quite easily thought my luck would keep running and kept up the Devil's strategy for a longer run than I ought. Thank you as always for your insight. :)