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Hello from the Steemit Tarot community!

@steemittarot began as a way to curate all the Tarot Tuesday posts that starting popping up on the site. Now the hope is to connect all readers, people interested in learning about the cards, and other assorted people bearing good juju.

To this end, your post has been resteemed and/or upvoted. To find out more, check out the intro post here.


That is really creative :)


Thank you! I don't know how I missed your comment before, but I really appreciate your visit.

Love how this turned out, interesting how it is a 9 master number as well.

Thanks and happy week to ya


Thanks! I should pay more attention to the other card number.
The final card is giving me fits though, so we'll see what I manage to figure out. (I'm talking about it in the Discord group, if you want to chime in.)